This Mechanical Engineer’s startup offers smart vending machines that can serve Biryani, Panipuri, Shakes and Liqour in just 17 seconds, has clients across Israel, Dubai and UK

Ashish Dakhole is the entrepreneur and brains behind VendiBite, an automated vending solution that uses Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to offer 24*7 fresh Indian food, snacks and drinks that are hygienic and untouched by hand.

Ashish has completed his postgraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He then landed a high-paying job in a multinational company in Europe. 

Ashish Dakhole - Founder and Director at VendiBite
Ashish Dakhole – Founder and Director at VendiBite

During his time working there, Ashish saw that the demand for authentic Indian food was high in the west. But because of the low availability of manpower in that domain, that demand was left unmet.

Ashish Dakhole, having a brilliant background in product development and technology, instantly realized that robotic machines could help meet the demand for Indian food.

He decided to quit his job and launch a startup of vending solutions. The switch to entrepreneurship, although sudden, was not very surprising for Ashish because he always knew that he would start something of his own when the right idea would come to him.

He founded Rapidosmart Automatics Private Limited in 2018. VendiBite was started as a brand under the firm.

The specifics and types of VendiBite

VendiBite machines have automatic as well as semi-automatic variants. 

They are powered by AI and IoT and serve fresh, hygienic traditional Indian food like biryani and rice, snacks like pani puri and corn mix, and drinks like shakes to customers. The retail display is fully secure.

The machines are unmanned food kiosks which charge people for the dish and accept payments through UPI.

VendiBite machines come in various types:

  • French fries Bite (Output- 120 seconds)
  • Bhel puri and sweet corn mix Bite (Output- 17 seconds)
  • Milkshake Bite (Output- 20 seconds)
  • Popcorn Bite (Output- 20 seconds)
  • Beverages Bite (Output- 21 seconds)

VendiBite machines serve authentic, delicious food that is hygienic in all senses of the word.

The modern answer to a host of problems in the F&B industry

VendiBite products have been built and designed in a way that redefines the food and drinks aspect of cafes, restaurants, resorts and hotels.

A major issue that most hotel and restaurant owners face today is the unavailability of skilled manpower for everyday cooking duties. A lot of small but very important tasks like chopping up vegetables and preparing batters are also left unattended because of the above shortage. 

This either overburdens the existing staff or the restaurant fails to serve its customers on time.

Then, there is the most common issue of hygiene and cleanliness when it comes to Indian chaat food which is mostly available on street stalls and small shops. With increasing awareness about health concerns, people are apprehensive about eating food that may put them at risk of diseases like typhoid and food poisoning.

VendiBite is a smart intervention that seamlessly resolves all these problems.

Its automated, intelligent vending solutions enable restaurants and hotels to have hassle-free kitchens and serve customers on time. These vending machines also ensure that people and children enjoy delectable Indian chaat food that is one hundred per cent hygienic. 

Founder Ashish Dakhole has expanded VendiBite machines across India, Nepal, Bangkok, Israel, Dubai and the United Kingdom. 

VendiBite aims to introduce the concept of 24*7 unmanned cafes. The smart vending machines would serve customer needs without any need for intervention from the restaurant staff. This will also cut down manpower costs for restaurants and cafes.

At present, almost 300 machines have been installed in hotels, restaurants, resorts, airports, food courts, corporate canteens, medical care units and cafes. Additionally, 10 machines are currently vending 24*7.

Talking about the speciality of VendiBite and how it has the edge over other players in the field, Ashish Dakhole says, “For us, fresh food is the topmost priority. Other vending machines, for instance, the Chinese ones, serve customers dehydrated food that is laden with preservatives. The beauty of VendiBite is that its vending solutions resolve problems of time and hygiene but keep the food’s authenticity, deliciousness and originality intact. Food options served by VendiBite are fresh, untouched by hand and completely preservative-free. We have taken extensive care about serving uncompromised food. This is the biggest difference between VendiBite and other brands in the field.”

As the Indian market grows more accepting and understanding of vending machines and their utilities, the brand VendiBite is emerging as a promising tech-based startup in the realm.

As of now, VendiBite operates with a team of 22 engineers. The following month, the brand is launching its Gol Gappa vending machine which is all set to revolutionize Indian chaat food. To know more about the brand and book its products, check its website, click here