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This Law Grad made Rs 50L in just one year by selling pre-loved baby products online

Founded in February 2022 and based in Panchkula, Haryana, PyaraBaby is an online portal for buying and selling pre-loved baby products.

By Naina Yadav
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This Law Grad made Rs 50L in just one year by selling pre-loved baby products online

Founded in February 2022 and based in Panchkula, Haryana, PyaraBaby is an online portal for buying and selling pre-loved baby products.

PyaraBaby was founded by a 33 year old Apurva Rungta, a lawyer with a master's degree in Intellectual Property rights. 

Her entrepreneurial journey began when she delved into her father's healthcare company's marketing department. Working here, she would always think of starting something of her own.

Amid all this, she became a mother in 2021, and this newfound role sparked an idea with the potential to change the landscape of baby products.

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Identifying a Critical Need and Pain Point

The birth of Apurva's child highlighted a common challenge faced by parents worldwide – the short-lived nature of baby products. 

From cradles that served for merely six months to an array of items outgrown by infants, the wastage bothered Apurva. It was a conundrum she could not ignore. 

This realization became the catalyst for PyaraBaby, a platform designed to tackle this issue head-on.

Pyara Baby: Sustainability meets Convenience

Apurva launched PyaraBaby, an online platform where individual parents can sell pre-loved baby products, effectively extending their shelf life and minimizing environmental impact. 

The core concept was simple yet profound – promote reuse, reduce carbon footprint, and create a sustainable community of parents.

Initial Challenges 

Launching PyaraBaby came with its share of challenges. 

Apurva faced the daunting task of finding an appropriate name that resonated widely. She didn't want to settle for something that didn't have recall value but at the same time, she wanted it to be something that reflects the brand intent.

Additionally, establishing an online presence with limited funds and no full-time website developer was a significant hurdle. The initial website designing was done by Apurva herself and she set up a Shopify store.

Nationwide shipping was another problem because complexities concerning delicate items came info play. 

Eventually, these were resolved through strategic partnerships, ensuring cost-effective solutions for both buyers and sellers. Currently, the startup divides the shipping rates between the buyer and seller.

PyaraBaby's Approach

The startup aims to reduce waste by allowing parents to pass on gently used items, from toys and baby gear to skincare and clothes. 

One of Pyara Baby's distinctive features is its seller-friendly approach. 

Sellers have the freedom to set product prices, provided they remain lower than prevailing online retail rates. 

The platform meticulously evaluates factors like product usage and condition, ensuring a fair marketplace. 

What sets Apurva's startup apart from other platforms like OLX and Instagram small businesses is that PyaraBaby ships across India. This means that a cot seller in Mumbai can rehome it to a buyer in Nagaland.

Categories spanning toys, bath, skincare, baby gear, feeding, nursing, and clothes offer buyers a diverse selection, fostering a vibrant community of parents.

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Looking ahead

Despite being a bootstrapped business, Pyara Baby has thrived. 

According to an interview with Startuppedia, the startup has reported monthly revenues of approximately Rupees 4 to 5 lakhs in FY23. 

As the platform gained momentum, Apurva envisions a future where Pyara Baby not only expands its customer and seller base but also establishes an online support group akin to those in the West. 

This vision aims to create a holistic ecosystem for parents, nurturing a sense of community and shared experiences.

In less than two years, Pyara Baby's transformative journey has redefined sustainable parenting, one pre-loved product at a time. 

Through innovative solutions, environmental consciousness, and a deep understanding of parental needs, Apurva Rungta and her team have ushered in a new era of baby product sustainability, empowering parents and safeguarding the environment simultaneously.

To buy and sell on PyaraBaby, visit the website https://www.pyarababy.com/