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Started from a room, making just Rs 10,000 per month revenue to now making Rs 3 Cr per month revenue: Meet Broomees

Broomees, a Delhi based groundbreaking platform that has transformed the way we approach household assistance.

By Neha Yadav
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Started from a room, making just Rs 10,000 per month revenue to now making Rs 3 Cr per month revenue: Meet Broomees

Revolutionizing Domestic Assistance

In a world where time is a precious commodity and life's demands seem to be ever-increasing, finding reliable domestic help can be a daunting task. But what if there was a solution that not only connects you with skilled professionals but also contributes to the well-being of these workers? 

Enter Broomees, a groundbreaking platform that has transformed the way we approach household assistance.

In 2020, Broomees started something new. They stepped into a world where things were a bit unorganized, like household chores and other kinds of help. But they made things super easy for the customers. You can hire helpers who know their stuff, and they've got the thumbs-up from Broomees.

Guess what? 

This whole idea started small, in a tiny room in a village in Delhi. Three determined people – Vaibhav Agarwal, Niharika Jain, and Saurav Kumar – got it going. They didn't just change how we find help; they also made sure those who do the helping feel awesome too.

Delhi based start-up brings talent & training together for better domestic help.” – Entrepenuer Stories

The brainchild of Vaibhav Agarwal, an Indian Business School (ISB) dropout, Broomees wasn't just a service for him—it was a mission. Prior to establishing Broomees, Vaibhav worked at a couple of startups like Travvir, SHEROES and is a DCE alum, too – with a major in mechanical engineering.

With a desire to make a difference, he teamed up with Niharika Jain and Saurav Kumar, each bringing their unique skills and experiences to the table.

Niharika Jain, a Commerce graduate from Delhi University's Hindu College, and Saurav Kumar, a Mechanical Engineer from Delhi Technological University, joined Vaibhav to embark on this inspiring journey. 

Niharika's background at Egon Zehnder and The Dance Bible, along with Saurav's experience at Nanhe Kadam and Boldrocchi, added diverse dimensions to the team.

Right from the start, Broomees had some challenging times. Initially, they did not invest any money into this venture and just worked hard to spread the vision and onboard workers, aka broomees. 

And guess what? 

Their hard work paid off. Broomees soon turned into a place where people could find all kinds of skilled helpers. Whether you needed someone to help around the house, cook, take care of babies, or just do a bit of everything, Broomees had you covered. 

It was like a special place where you could get trustworthy help for anything you needed.

founders of broomees

Creating a Community and Empowering Workers

In a conversation with Startup Pedia, Founder & CEO Vaibhav Agrawal shared his insights, stating, "We're not just providing a service; we're building a community. Our goal is to simplify lives while ensuring the well-being and dignity of the workers who form the backbone of our platform."

Broomees isn't just a platform—it's a lifeline for workers who often go unnoticed. 

Workers who register as Broomees find not just jobs but opportunities to enhance their skills and employability. Through free festivals, the company invests in their growth, empowering them to provide coordinated, professional, and timely services. 

And it's not just about the present; Broomees cares about the future too. The platform partners with its workers to offer them affordable health insurance, securing their well-being while they secure yours.

Rigorous Screening Process

One might wonder, how does Broomees ensure the reliability of its workers? 

The answer lies in its meticulous screening process. The team personally verifies their background through Aadhaar and police checks, ensuring that every professional on the platform is trustworthy and dependable. This commitment to authenticity has earned Broomees the trust of its customers.

Shark Tank India and Growth

The company's remarkable journey was further showcased on Shark Tank India Season 2. The founders, seeking Rs. 80 lakhs for a mere 2% equity, ended up striking a deal of around Rs. 1 crore for 3% equity with investors Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, and Aman Gupta. 

This negotiation resulted in a valuation of ₹33.33 Crore, marking a turning point in Broomees' trajectory.

When Broomees started, they didn't make much money – just Rs. 10,000 each month. They didn't stop. Now, the firm makes around Rs 3 crore in turnover each month. 

Broomees has also won funding from various other giants, including - 100x.VC, 2am.VC, Dholakia Ventures, and Shailesh Gupta - Founder of Polysynth; Co-Founder of Innov8.

This big growth shows that Broomees is really serious about what they want to do. People trust them a lot – both the ones who use their service and the ones who invest money in them.

Impact and Expansion

And the firm is not stopping here. They have plans to bring in more than 1 lakh workers over the next five years all across the country. 

They want to make things better in the unorganized sector. This is just the beginning of their journey, and the good they've done already shows us that even bigger changes are on the way.

In a world where we often forget the people who help make our lives easier, Broomees reminds us that things can change for the better. Their story shows us how innovation, working together, and caring for others can make a real difference. 

As we think about the future, let Broomees encourage us to find not just easy ways, but also meaningful ways to connect with others and make life better for everyone.


1.What does Broomees do?

Broomees is a pioneering platform that connects individuals with skilled domestic helpers to assist with various household tasks. Moreover, it prioritizes the well-being and professional growth of these workers, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship.

 2. Who is the CEO of Broomees?

The CEO of Broomees is Vaibhav Agarwal, who initiated the platform with a vision to transform household assistance by creating a reliable and empowering community for both customers and workers.

 3. What are the services offered by Broomees?

Broomees provides a range of services including household chores assistance, cooking, childcare, and versatile help catering to diverse needs. It serves as a platform where individuals can find trustworthy assistance for various tasks.

 4. What are the service areas of Broomees?

Broomees currently operates in Delhi, NCR, Pune and  aims to expand its reach and impact across the country, envisioning the inclusion of more than 1 lakh workers nationwide in the next five years.

5. How can I hire a housemaid/cook/babysitter from Broomees?

-Choose your desired service, fill in your requirements, and make a booking on our platform.

-Confirm your requirements with the relationship manager assigned to you.

-Sit tight while our relationship manager finds the right fit for your home.