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Meet two entrepreneurs who are bringing tech to dairy farmers in India - first client was Amul, now make Rs 80 lakhs of annual revenue.

Clean and Clever Corp is a Gujarat-based startup that has added immense tech revolution in the realm of animal husbandry. 

By Asif Alam
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Meet two entrepreneurs who are bringing tech to dairy farmers in India - first client was Amul, now make Rs 80 lakhs of annual revenue.

Founded in October 2018 and headquartered in Anand, Gujarat, Clean and Clever Corp is a startup that has added immense tech revolution in the realm of animal husbandry. 

This forward-thinking venture, co-founded by Nithya Nair and Sreekanth Naidu, is reshaping the way farmers approach cattle breeding and insemination.

The Founders


Nithya Nair, armed with a master's degree in biochemistry, embarked on a diverse career journey involving stints in various pharmaceutical companies. 

Her professional voyage included corporate marketing roles and research positions in medical and chemical technology. 

However, it was Nithya's deep-rooted passion for animal husbandry and her desire to empower cattle farmers economically that set her on a different trajectory.

In her quest to translate her vision into reality, Nithya joined forces with Sreekanth Naidu, a pharmacy graduate with a background in the agriculture and dairy sectors. 

Together, they embarked on a mission to bring revolutionary change to the field of animal husbandry.

Aim and Vision

Clean and Clever was born out of a shared commitment to modernize animal husbandry practices and enhance the livelihoods of cattle farmers. 

Their journey, however, was not without its challenges.

Tacking Early Challenges

In its infancy, Clean and Clever introduced cutting-edge technology that was far ahead of its time. 

The founders faced a significant hurdle: convincing local AI technician Gopal Mitras to adopt these advanced techniques. 

Farmers were accustomed to conventional and cost-effective agricultural methods, making the acceptance of new technology a formidable task. 

To bridge this gap, Nithya and Sreekanth dedicated two years to extensive groundwork. They partnered with farmers to initiate awareness programs and conducted numerous demonstration sessions.

The Amul Breakthrough 

In a pivotal moment in 2020, Clean and Clever received a breakthrough, thanks to the support of Amul, a renowned dairy cooperative. 

This collaboration resulted in the deployment of Clean and Clever's innovative devices to Amul's farmers. 

The response was overwhelmingly positive, marking a year of great success and establishing Amul as the first Indian milk producer to embrace digital artificial insemination.

Revolutionary Tech Devices

Clean and Clever offers two game-changing devices

1) Digital Thawing Equipment: 

This device plays a pivotal role in the process of artificial insemination by ensuring the precise thawing of bull semen. 

Accurate temperature control, along with precise thawing time, is essential for maintaining sperm quality. 

Conventional methods often fall short in this regard, leading to subpar results. 

Clean and Clever's digital thawing equipment eliminates any margin of error, ensuring that the semen reaches the required temperature seamlessly.

2) Digital AI Gun: 


Conventional insemination techniques involve the use of a simple traditional AI gun, resulting in inaccuracies and potential conception issues. 

Clean and Clever's device introduces a revolutionary approach. It displays the cervix's position on a mobile screen during the insemination process, which helps the AI technicians to know where actually the semen is being deposited. 

Acting as an endoscope, it also helps in 

clear observation of uterine diseases, inflammation, ovarian cysts etc.

This not only ensures precision but also allows for early detection and treatment of infections. Live streaming capabilities enable AI workers/Gopal Mitras to consult with veterinarians in real time.

Apart from these, the startup also has devices that revolutionize poultry and fishing realms.

Impressive Milestones

Clean and Clever's journey has been marked by remarkable achievements. 

With over 3000 units deployed across the country, the startup has served numerous animal husbandry departments, milk dairies, and industry giant Amul. 

Their presence spans the entirety of India, with a strong commitment to further expansion.

In an interview with Startup Pedia, Managing Partner, Nithya said, “Despite operating as a bootstrapped venture, Clean and Clever has achieved an annual revenue averaging Rupees 80 lakhs. This financial stability underpins their dedication to innovation and growth”.

Future goals

Looking ahead, Clean and Clever envisions expanding its reach even further. 

Their future plans include an increased emphasis on service-oriented products and technological developments. 

Their goal is to provide farmers with the ability to determine their cattle's pregnancy status in just 28 days, compared to the conventional 50-day timeline. Early pregnancy detection enables farmers to provide a more nutritious diet, ultimately reducing embryonic mortality.

Clean and Clever's forward-thinking approach extends to how they deliver their products, with plans to offer them as physical items or through a service model. 

As they continue to innovate and redefine animal husbandry practices, Clean and Clever remains dedicated to enhancing the lives of cattle farmers and modernizing the industry.