Meet India’s first Political Engineer from Andhra Pradesh who started working as a weaver, now works with prominent politicians to build their digital presence

In the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “Aapada ko Awsar me badalna” (Turning adversity into opportunity). 

This sentiment resonated deeply with Andhra Pradesh-based Chandu Venkata Satish, an engineer by education and a political engineer by profession, passion, and choice. 

Inspired by the fierce competition in digital marketing and driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Chandu realized the potential to bring digitalization to the field of politics, thereby revolutionizing it and injecting new zeal into the system.

This article dives deep into the life of Chandu Venkata Satish, shedding light on his struggles, achievements, and relentless pursuit of empowering politicians through technology.

Chandu Venkata Satish, hailing from a weavers’ community, was born to Shri Chandu Ramanaiah and Chandu Subbulu, with a younger sibling, Chandu Prasad. His family of four faced a sudden setback when his father fell seriously ill during his schooling years. As the sole breadwinner, Chandu took up weaving to support his family and his father’s medical expenses while continuing his education.

However, a turning point came when Chandu met with an accident in 2015 and witnessed his father’s relentless hard work. Determined to make his father proud and contribute to the family’s well-being, 

Chandu Venkata Satish pursued his Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), which equipped him with a solid foundation in engineering principles, problem-solving skills, and a logical mindset.

Learning from these failures, he worked as a career counsellor and education consultant from 2016 to 2019, all the while yearning to do more for the weavers. Eventually, the boom of digital marketing caught his attention, and from 2019 to 2020, he pursued digital marketing training and internship, gaining valuable insights.

At this juncture, a politician, who had become like a brother to Chandu, introduced him to the world of politics. Despite lacking initial interest, Chandu found himself drawn to the possibilities of digitizing politics. 

In conversation with Startup Pedia, Chandu exclaimed,The political industry, although traditionally rooted in conventional practices, has witnessed a shift towards digitalization in recent years. As technology continues to advance, political campaigns, communication, and outreach have embraced digital platforms, enabling greater connectivity with the electorate.” 

This industry has seen substantial growth and is expected to continue expanding as political entities recognize the value of digital engagement.

It was an accident in 2015 that changed Chandu’s life and compelled him to reassess his family’s financial situation. He has attended various National and state-level conferences on Leadership, Technology and business management; these have ignited a fire within him, fueling his passion for entrepreneurship and sharpening his communication and business skills. 

This newfound drive led him to explore the political arena, where he realized the transformative power of the digital era in shaping politics. As a freelancer, Chandu had the remarkable opportunity to collaborate with Union Ministers and Ministries bodies from Delhi, an experience that solidified his belief in the potential of technology to empower politicians and connect them with the masses. 

With his expertise in digital marketing, Chandu founded Political Engineer in December 2021 – aiming to digitize political campaigns and activities.

This political consulting firm aims to provide accessible solutions for politicians, helping them navigate the online space, connect with constituents, and receive political leadership training. Chandu’s journey has not been without its challenges, teaching him invaluable lessons along the way. 

One crucial lesson he learned was the importance of surrounding himself with the right individuals who share his vision. Undeterred by obstacles, he turned adversity into an opportunity for growth, continually seeking to understand the intricate dynamics of technology and public sentiment.

With his keen eye for social media strategy, Chandu has effectively promoted numerous government initiatives and distinguished political figures, maximizing their online presence. As a communication trainer, he empowers teams to think innovatively and drive results. His expertise as a seasoned political consultant allows him to navigate the complex landscape of politics and technology, adapting to the ever-evolving social media landscape and delivering effective results for his clients.

Chandu’s leadership style is marked by innovation, pragmatism, and a forward-thinking mindset. Through effective communication, strategic planning, and an inclusive approach, he motivates and inspires his team to embrace change and achieve the company’s vision. 

Looking ahead, Chandu Venkata Satish envisions a future where Political Engineer becomes a global leader in political social media marketing. His mission is to shape the future of political campaigns, leveraging emerging technologies and strategies to drive meaningful engagement and foster democratic participation. 

Political Engineer started as a one-member company and is now run by 20 efficient people. 

Under the leadership of Chandu, Political Engineer has successfully collaborated with prominent figures from the political arena.

Chandu’s influence extends beyond his company’s success. He has built an extensive network across India and garnered recognition for his work in prominent web portals and through esteemed awards. Furthermore, Chandu’s dedication to philanthropy shines through his involvement in initiatives that promote civic engagement, empower marginalized communities, and raise awareness about political participation.