Are you a natural living enthusiast? Then Dig into Her story Inspired by Old Beauty Kitchen

If you remember, at least once in your lifetime you must have been told to try out the natural products for your skin instead of infusing all those chemicals in yourself. in our early stage, the first contact of beauty products come in form of homemade face packs which our mothers made and always add a sentence to it “yeh badon ke nuskhey hai”

Swagatika Das, IIT Kharagpur topper and former Apple employee, spent over half a decade working as an engineer but always felt that her heart was in the consumer space. The strong wellness believer and natural living enthusiast, Swagatika Co-founded her skincare brand in 2019- NAT HABIT. In this venture she made people understand the old saying of our mothers about how plants affect our lives for the best.

She shared that she had been a yoga practitioner since eight. Her father is a doctor and her grandfather were an agricultural scientist which is a major factor why she wanted to make all the natural skincare products available for consumers. Her co-founder Gaurav Aggarwal also comes from a similar background.

Nat Habit makes skincare products such as ubtans, face packs, Henna paste, hair oils, cleansing balms and others, with no chemical preservatives and all-natural ingredients. And as all-natural ingredients are included in the product so their lifespan range between 30 days to three months depending on certain factors.

Organic and ayurvedic products are seeking the attention of consumers’ interest. But preference to buy them and involved within the daily life it’s still a question. Many beauty and Wellness experts as well as dermatologists often one people about the fewer effects of these so-called all-natural products.

Moreover, if You want to go all-natural then due to the ingredients used in these ubtans, you must prepare them every day. people living in tier one and Tier 2 cities Bedford the store-bought face bags over the homemade ones due to the busy work schedules. 

So, when Nat habit was launched in 2019 as a part of a survey their products became a huge hit right off the bat. 

Now the problem was regarding delivery. since Nat habit products don’t have any preservatives so they needed cold storage delivery. due to this reason, in the beginning, they couldn’t deliver any of their products outside Delhi. the second setback was due to COVID. the business started in the pre-COVID situation and due to the perishable quality of these products they had to shut their operations completely.

well, that didn’t give any stoppage to their business idea. Swagatika took this time to overcome the problem of preserving the products to an extent where they can last at least 10 days without cold storage. as she was against any kind of chemicals, so the best alternative was to introduce natural preservative ingredients like Neem, Giloy etc. in the right proportions to safeguard the products.

Nat habit restart operations in October 2020 after the team cracked the code to increase the shelf life of their products. since cold storage was no longer the need, the startup started delivering pan India.

In the last year, Swagatika says, the company has grown 25 times and that it ships about 1,50,000 units per month. These products are certified by the Government of AYUSH under the Ayurveda category.

Not have it started as a self-funded venture with limited resources for the first 7 to 8 months. After that, it received funding from Whiteboard Capital. 

In March 2021, Sequoia Surge, and angel investors such as Paper Boat CEO, Neeraj Kakkar; Epigamia CEO Rohan Mirchandani; Yogabar co-founder Suhasini Sampath; Spencer Retail MD Devendra Chawla; BharatPe CEO Suhail Sameer; Snapdeal founders Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal also invested in the startup.

The last funding round raised $2 million in seed funding. This valued the company at around $6.17 million as of April 20, 2020.

Nat Habit is not the first try venture of Swagatika. Her earlier startup, Stitchio was a tech product social media startup in 2015. 

In terms of her funding experience, she added, “I had the perception that perhaps it is a bit difficult for the entire investor community to believe that women can lead businesses. But this time, I didn’t feel any different from any investor. It is an amazing trend that the community has changed in the last five years. Also, this is a personal care space, where investors believe in women more than men and hence probably, I didn’t see any hesitation, but a woman tech entrepreneur may experience a gender-biased issue,” signs off.

Now if you are inspired by ancient solutions prepared in the kitchens of our moms & grand-moms, Nat Habit brings to you freshly made beauty & wellness products and it’s just you who must take a step and let nature flourish you.