Started by a Jaipur trio, this gourmet dry fruit brand brings international delicacies to India – achieved Rs 8 Cr revenue in FY23.

In December 2019, three visionary entrepreneurs—Piyush Tehran, Manvendra Singh, and Rishabh Bhadauria—founded Hyperfoods, a Jaipur-based gourmet gifting Brand that has set out to change the way Indians experience food. 

With their diverse educational backgrounds and a shared passion for innovation, the founders embarked on a journey to bring unique and healthy culinary experiences to their fellow countrymen. 

Despite facing unexpected challenges, Hyperfoods has not only persevered but thrived. 

Through their RawFruit brand and commitment to delivering the best, the company has established itself as a game-changer in the Indian food gifting market.

Founders with a Vision

Hyperfoods’ success can be attributed to the expertise and determination of its founders. 

Piyush, a Chartered Accountant by education and a pioneer in the gourmet industry having 8+ years of experience in F&B, ensures that they bring the finest of delicacies & experiences around the world to the table.

Manvendra, armed with a commerce and finance background, brings a wealth of knowledge in business development and market analysis. 

Rishabh, an alumnus of IIT Jodhpur, contributes his technical skills to drive innovation and operational efficiency.

Together, they form a formidable team that is pushing the boundaries of the food industry.

The Journey

Initially, Hyperfoods operated in the restauranteering realm. However, their trajectory took an unexpected turn when the founders travelled to Dubai for a sixteen-day training session. 

Upon their return, they were met with the devastating arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic in India. 

As the hospitality industry and restaurants shut down, the founders faced a critical challenge—how to save their employees’ jobs while adapting to the new normal. 

With ingenuity and resilience, they decided to convert their restaurant recipes into processed foods. This innovative approach not only sustained employment but also enabled Hyperfoods to reach a wider audience with their delectable creations.

The Raw Fruit Brand

Brand Raw Fruit's Packaging

In October 2020, Hyperfoods introduced the Raw Fruit brand, marking a significant milestone in their journey. 

This brand became the flagship product line for the company, generating an astounding 80% of its total revenue. 

The Raw Fruit brand focuses on providing unprocessed and less processed products, ranging from dry fruits and trail mixes to chocolates and sweets, all made from fresh dry fruits & nuts.

What sets Hyperfoods apart is its commitment to crafting unique recipes that cater to the Indian palate.

Hyperfoods prides itself on sourcing rare and exotic dry fruits and gourmet snacks that are not commonly found in India. For example, Turkish figs, Saudi Dates, Stuffed Prunes and many more delicacies have found a home under the Hyperfoods umbrella, delighting consumers with their distinct flavour and nutritional benefits.

E-commerce and Gifting

Products offered by Hyperfoods

Recognizing the need to reach a broader customer base, Hyperfoods made their products available on various e-commerce platforms. 

Customers can now find Hyperfoods on Flipkart, FnP, Blinkit, Cred, JioMart, Amazon, and BigBasket, among others. 

With a strong presence on 19 different e-commerce platforms, the company ensures convenient delivery services across India, enabling consumers to access their favourite products with ease.

In addition to their retail offerings, Hyperfoods also offers thoughtfully curated gifting boxes. These boxes contain meticulously selected, research-driven products, making them ideal for special occasions and celebrations. By combining health-consciousness and gourmet experiences with their RawFruit brand Hyperfoods aims to redefine the art of gifting in India.

Future Growth

Hyperfoods’ overarching vision is to introduce a wide range of healthy and fruity products from around the world to the Indian market. 

“In the fiscal year 2022-2023, the company achieved an impressive revenue of Rupees 8 crore”, Piyush says to Startup Pedia

Looking ahead, Hyperfoods has set its sights on reaching a revenue of Rupees 30 crore by FY24. To support their ambitious plans, Hyperfoods is actively seeking external funding and ECommerce allies & partnerships.

With a focus on becoming the number one gourmet gifting brand in India, they are poised to continue disrupting the industry and delighting customers with their innovative offerings.

Hyperfoods has emerged as a trailblazer in the gourmet gifting sector, transforming adversity into opportunity. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Hyperfoods is poised to revolutionize India’s gourmet gifting landscape and establish itself as the go-to brand for discerning consumers.


1. What is Hyperfoods, and when was it founded?

Hyperfoods is a Jaipur-based business founded in December 2019 by Piyush Tehran, Manvendra Singh, and Rishabh Bhadauria. The company aims to revolutionize the way Indians experience food through unique and healthy culinary offerings.

2. Who are the founders of Hyperfoods, and what are their backgrounds?

The founders of Hyperfoods are Piyush Tehran, a Chartered Accountant with 8+ years of F&B experience, Manvendra Singh, a business development expert with a commerce and finance background, and Rishabh Bhadauria, an IIT Jodhpur alumnus contributing technical skills for innovation.

3. Where can customers find Hyperfoods’ products, and on how many e-commerce platforms are they available?

Hyperfoods’ products are available on 19 different e-commerce platforms, including Flipkart, FnP, Blinkit, Cred, JioMart, Amazon, and BigBasket. The company ensures convenient delivery services across India.

4. What is Hyperfoods’ vision for future growth, and what revenue target has the company set for FY24?

Hyperfoods aims to introduce a wide range of healthy and fruity products, targeting revenue of Rupees 30 crore by the fiscal year 2023-2024. The company is actively seeking external funding and ECommerce allies and partnerships to support its ambitious plans.

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