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With no background in apparel or textile industry, this husband wife duo built a Rs 240 Cr clothing brand

Founded by IIM graduates Anusha Chandrashekar and Alok Paul in 2018, the Noida-based D2C brand Berrylush is a manifestation of the lack of

By Neha Yadav
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With no background in apparel or textile industry, this husband wife duo built a Rs 240 Cr clothing brand

Introduction to Berrylush: Founding Vision

Founded by IIM graduates Anusha Chandrashekar and Alok Paul in 2018, the Noida-based D2C brand Berrylush is a manifestation of the lack of cost-effective western wear apparel in the Indian e-commerce market space.

This was a niche within a niche but still a place worth exploring. Anusha (a fashion enthusiast) and Alok (an e-commerce expert) noticed that sellers lacked high-quality, trendy, and stylish women's wear and thus laid the foundation of Berrylush with a small team and four machines at hand.

D2C Evolution

Co-founder & CEO of Berrylush says, “Before launching the brand, I had a well-paying job but the idea of starting my own firm was always in the back of my mind and when I noticed the stark absence of quality western wear, I immediately started working on it. At Berrylush we followed the asset-light model and a sure-shot D2C retail strategy of selling part wear at Rs 999 which eventually turned out to be our bestseller!

As of today, Berrylush is an online first, manufacturer and seller of premium quality trendy, chic, western apparel brands for women and sells dresses, tops, jumpsuits, and skirts at an affordable range. It aims to provide a consistent-sized collection of apparel in various fabrics. This helps customers find their perfect size.

Berrylush places a lot of importance on the product line and curates about 150 new launches every month, making it an ultra-fast fashion apparel brand.

But reaching this level of growth took work for Berrylush as they battled various resources and manufacturing challenges. Very soon, they realised that the solution to this was to start in-house manufacturing. They set their own processes to ensure the manufacturing of high-quality products for their consumers. Berrylush now produces lakhs of units every month.

Being a direct-to-consumer brand, Berrylush sells directly through its website, its Android, and IOS app, and through e-commerce marketplaces, primarily Myntra and Flipkart.

The Weekend Leader - Alok Paul and Anusha Chandrashekar | Founders, Berrylush

“Our products reach the end consumers directly from our manufacturing unit since we do not have any middlemen in between. All of it is enabled through our app, our website, and our presence on Myntra and Flipkart. Our app has been downloaded more than 2 lakh times and our consumer retention rate stands at 28% which is an industry record of its own. Additionally, our average review on products is somewhere around 4.3 stars. All this has been possible because of the many changes we have made in our process over the years", Alok Paul, Co-founder & COO of Berrylush told Startup Pedia.

Tech Integration & Quality Assurance

Berrylush is not just a fashion company, it is also a technological one. The company has spent its fair share of research and resources in integrating technology to make its process efficient and seamless. It has its own enterprise resource planning (ERP) in place to streamline different areas of work. Berrylush pays special attention to the quality of the products being made under its watch.

Additionally, the products are curated and crafted in India, making Berrlush an authentic Indian brand empowering the community by providing employment.

As we mentioned, Berrylush is obsessed with quality and all products go through a rigorous testing and inspection procedure. They have a dedicated Quality Assurance Team that gauges every product with the 5-step quality check protocol to ensure the best service for the consumers.

Growth, Profitability, and Global Expansion

Headquartered in Noida, through its huge online presence, Berrylush sells its products in more than 27,000 pin codes across India through its website, app, Myntra, Nykaa, Amazon, Ajio, Flipkart, Poshmark.

Almost 5 years after its inception, Berrylush is a House of Myntra brand and consumer preffered brand and has been scaling its operations at an exponential pace.

The first month’s production was just 900 units. Today, Berrylush is producing approximately two lakh units per month.

D2C clothing brand Berrylush raises Rs 8 cr from Klub, Retail News, ET Retail

To reach a wider range of audience and to give consumers a tactile experience of its products, Berrylush ventured into the offline space in October 2022. It opened its first offline store in Noida and plans to open 30 more in the next two years across major metro cities in India.

Berrylush has been a profitable venture from day 1.

It has sold 18 lakh units of clothing since its inception. It has recorded a net revenue of Rs 61 crore in FY23 and is expected to touch Rs 80 crore by the end of the year and is valued at Rs 240 crore.

There is no looking back for Berrylush as it plans to touch waters outside of India and braces for a launch in Nepal, and Sri Lanka through an online marketplace called Daraz and will soon enter the USA, and Europe through Amazon. Berrylush is also working on expanding its product portfolio to include winter wear, perfumes, bags, and more.


1. Who is the founder of Berrylush?

Anusha Chandrashekar and Alok Paul are the founders of Berrylush. They established the brand in 2018 to address the scarcity of affordable Western wear in India's e-commerce market.

2. What is the annual revenue of Berrylush?

Berrylush recorded a net revenue of Rs 61 crore in FY23 and is projected to touch Rs 80 crore by the year-end. This growth showcases its success and consistent performance in the fashion market.

3. Where can I get products by Berrylush?

Berrylush dresses and other chic western apparel are available for purchase on various platforms. You can find their products on their official website, mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as on popular e-commerce marketplaces like Myntra, Flipkart, Nykaa, Amazon, Ajio, and Poshmark. Moreover, they have recently opened offline stores in Noida and plan to expand to major metro cities in India.

4. Is Berrylush an Indian Brand?

Yes, Berrylush is an authentic Indian brand founded by Anusha Chandrashekar and Alok Paul. The company manufactures and curates its products in India, contributing to the local community by providing employment opportunities. Additionally, their focus on quality, innovation, and expansion within and outside India further showcases their commitment to being a successful Indian brand on a global scale.