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Bihar Man Turns Landfill Waste Into Rs 1000 Crore Valued Business

Ramakant Burma's extraordinary journey from a small village in Bihar to the forefront of India's waste management industry is a testament to vision, determination, and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

By Siddhart Agarwal
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Ramakant Burma - Founder at Greentech Environ

Ramakant Burma - Founder at Greentech Environ

His story is a remarkable example of how one person can significantly impact the world. Born and raised in Chero Gaon, Bihar, Ramakant's early life was filled with aspirations that would lead him on a path to transform the way India manages its waste.

Early Life and Education:

Ramakant Burma's journey begins in a small village, where he grew up in a family of farmers. Despite the agricultural surroundings and his father's occupation, Ramakant harboured a passion for learning and a drive to make a difference. In 1984, his family moved to Kolkata, opening up new opportunities.

The same year marked the beginning of his educational journey at the prestigious Scottish College in Kolkata. Ramakant's academic excellence was evident when he secured a first division in his 11th and 12th-grade studies, specializing in Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics.

Academic Excellence and Career Aspirations:

Ramakant continued to excel in his academic pursuits. In 1996, he achieved first-class honors in his post-graduation studies. His career journey took an intriguing turn when he appeared for the All India Port Exam, showing a potential interest in joining the political realm.

However, his path eventually led him into the port industry, where his connections began to expand, and he built a network of contacts from across the globe.

Transition into Waste Management:

It was during this time that Ramakant Burma crossed paths with SK Choudhary, a professional working in the field of waste management. Ramakant's interest in environmental sustainability led him to approach Choudhary, and in a bold move, he dedicated his entire salary to hire him to establish a bio-waste medical plant in India in 2006.

Waste Management Site Okhla

Pioneering Medical Waste Management:

In 2009, Ramakant's commitment to scientific waste management practices led to the establishment of the first bio-medical waste plant in Siliguri, India. This marked a significant shift in the handling of medical waste, setting a standard for environmentally responsible practices.

The company under his leadership began collecting medical waste systematically and safely, protecting both public health and the environment.

Expansion and Recognition:

The success of this venture did not go unnoticed. By 2014, the company's performance had earned it the permit to set up a waste management plant in Kolkata. Ramakant's vision and commitment to sustainable waste management led to the founding of Greentech Environ in 2011.

GreenTech's Impact on the Environment:

Today, Greentech Environ Management Private Limited is actively involved in processing municipal solid waste in various parts of India. The company focuses on processing fresh municipal solid waste, bioremediation, bio-mining of legacy waste, and providing bio-medical waste management services. Greentech offers end-to-end waste management services.

Impressive Milestones:

In just a few short years, Greentech Environ Management Private Limited has achieved remarkable growth and impact in the waste management sector. From a modest turnover of 30 lakhs in 2014, the company's turnover surged to an impressive 30 crores in 2021-2022, marking a tenfold increase. The year 2022-2023 saw a monumental leap to a turnover of 300 crores, secured through a substantial contract in Delhi.

 Ramakant Burman with Arvind Kejriwal, Hon’ble CM of Delhi

Furthermore, Greentech's valuation soared to a staggering 1000 crores, highlighting the company's exceptional progress and recognition.With the capacity to process 30,000 metric tonnes of municipal solid waste daily, Greentech has become a major player in the waste management industry.

The company employs over 1000 dedicated professionals and operates a fleet of more than 35 excavators and 11 Kleemann machines, enabling the processing of over 19,000 metric tonnes of municipal solid waste daily at the Okhla Landfill site, Delhi. Additionally, they utilize advanced bio-mining machinery, including Kleemann, Power Screen, and Ballistic Separators, further enhancing their efficiency in handling waste.

Ramakant Burman with  Hon’ble Mayor, South Delhi Municipal Corpration

Vision and Commitment:

Ramakant Burma's journey is driven by a profound commitment to creating a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable world. His company, Greentech Environ Management Private Limited, shares this mission. They are dedicated to leading the way in sustainable solid waste management solutions, fostering healthier communities, and driving positive environmental impact.

Their ultimate goal is to create a world where waste is minimized, resource recovery is maximized, and responsible disposal practices are promoted through innovation, education, and collaboration.

Creating a Sustainable Future:

Greentech Environ Management Private Limited envisions a world where waste is seen as a resource, environmental harmony prevails, and future generations inherit a planet thriving with life and vitality. They aim to be the global benchmark in innovative and sustainable waste management solutions, where waste is minimized, resources are conserved, and communities thrive in harmony with the environment.

In conclusion, the story of Ramakant Burma and Greentech Environ Management Private Limited is a testament to the power of dedication and innovation in transforming the way we manage waste. His journey from a small village in Bihar to the forefront of India's waste management sector is truly inspiring, and his commitment to a cleaner and greener world sets an example for us all to follow.

Through his vision, hard work, and environmental consciousness, Ramakant Burma is making a profound difference in the world.


What does GreenTech Environ Management Pvt. Ltd do?
Greentech Environ Management Private Limited is committed to environmental sustainability by offering eco-friendly waste management services in India. Specializing in processing municipal solid waste, the company employs methods like bioremediation and bio-mining for both fresh and legacy waste. Greentech provides end-to-end waste management solutions, focusing on bio-waste disposal, including biomedical waste management. Their services cater to medical waste disposal needs, ensuring environmentally friendly practices while adhering to stringent standards.
What is Biomedical waste?
Biomedical waste includes used medical materials like needles, syringes, and bodily fluids. It requires specialized management to ensure safe disposal, promoting environmental sustainability and safeguarding public health. Proper disposal by certified companies is essential for eco-friendly handling of this waste.
What is the story of GreenTech Environ Management Pvt. Ltd?
GreenTech Environ Management Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Ramakant Burma, stemming from his journey from Bihar's village to the forefront of India's waste management. Initially focusing on bio-medical waste, the company expanded to handle municipal solid waste with eco-friendly methods. It now offers complete waste management services, emphasizing environmental sustainability and responsible waste handling across India.
Who is the CEO of GreenTech Environ Management Pvt. Ltd?
The CEO and MD of GreenTech Environ Management Pvt. Ltd. is Ramakant Burma.