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Zerodha Faces Tech Glitch For 4th Time, Traders Say “Losing Money”

On Monday morning, Zerodha, a brokerage startup application, faced technical issues, preventing users from trading or viewing their dashboard or watchlist.

By Rashaad Ather
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Zerodha Trading Application

Zerodha Trading Application

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On Monday morning, Zerodha, a brokerage startup app, experienced technical issues. 

Users were unable to execute their trades and view their watchlist of stocks. 

This occurred as the markets opened at record highs following exit polls predicting victory for the incumbent BJP government.

Frustrated users lambasted the co-founder Kamath brothers for technical issue as people are unable to trade and earn money through the platform. 

One user commented: “thcio @Nithin0dha  @zerodhaonline  @CNBCTV18News @ZeeBusiness   being number one platform in india.. you guys call out 99% retailers loose money because of this such pathetic platform on good days you cannot provide proper service how could retailers make money ???”

Another user wrote: “It's 10AM and @zerodhaonline still not opening. Do you guys have no risk management for such days, where traders like us can do nothing but refresh the screens continuously to check if your platform is letting us login ?@Nithin0dha

Third user said: “@zerodhaonline why can’t I trade today ? Who will pay for the losses because of your gltich ?”

The brokerage replied to multiple accounts to do a hard refresh by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R and to use an alternative internet connection if the issue persists. It also suggested using the Kite app.

4th Case Within 8 Months:

The Zerodha app has experienced four instances of technical glitches in the last eight months. 

In April, the app's price feed was stuck. 

In December, users were unable to log in to the Kite web app, and the broker suggested using the mobile app version. 

In November, there was another glitch when users were unable to access their holdings.