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'Will take bullock cart but not your airline': Startup VP To Air India

Aditya Kondawar, VP of startup 'Complete Circle', criticized Air India Express for poor service on a flight from Bengaluru to Pune. The flight departed nearly two hours late and had dirty seats.

By Rashaad Ather
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Startup VP Slams Air India Flight Service

Startup VP Slams Air India Flight Service

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Aditya Kondawar, vice president (VP) of the startup 'Complete Circle', slanted Air India Airlines for all-around poor service as he boarded his plane from Bengaluru to Pune. He has vowed to "never fly" with the airline again.

Taking to X, Kondawar shared that the plane was filthy from inside and it departed almost 2 hours late from its scheduled time.

“950 pm Flight took off at 12.15/12.20 am - The flight was stinking and the seats were so dirty and full of stains (IX 974 BLR to Pune)

Had started my day yesterday at 1.50 am from Pune to BLR - Walked through a large factory and sat through multiple management interactions

Reached home at 3 am,”  Kondawar wrote on X.

Frustrated, he shared the "valuable lesson" he learned from this ordeal, sarcastically thanking Air India. 

After a long day at work involving a factory visit and management interactions, Kondawar expressed disappointment with Air India Express for a delayed flight and poor cleanliness. 

Other passengers echoed similar complaints. 

Air India Apologises:

Air India Express apologised and promised to address the issues, assuring that such experiences are not their standards.

The airlines apologised to  Kondawar in the comments and vowed to address the issue.

“Hi Aditya! We apologise for the inconvenience caused due to the disruption in your flight schedule. Please note that the incoming flight was delayed due to reasons beyond our control. We will look into the issue raised regarding your aircraft experience and will fix it immediately.” Air India replied to  Kondawar’s post.

However,  Kondawar wasn’t too impressed this time around.

“LOL, no you won't

I am sure you guys will keep losing many customers if you keep this up 

Your aircraft cleanliness was worse than a Mumbai local,” replied Kondawar.