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Watch: Deleted roast clip of Ashneer Grover by comedian Ashish Solanki

Ashneer Grover has caused yet another controversy by asking comedian Aashish Solanki to delete a roast episode featuring him. Netizens accuse Grover of his poor sense of humour and "Doglapan".

By Rashaad Ather
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Bharatpe founder Ashneer Grover And Comedian Aashish Solanki

Bharatpe founder Ashneer Grover And Comedian Aashish Solanki

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Ashneer Grover recently caused another controversy after asking a comedian to delete his episode from the roast show.

Ashneer was a part of Aashish Solanki’s ‘Pretty Good Roast Show’. 

It all began when Solanki roasted Ashneer over his expulsion as the managing director of BharatPe startup in March 2022. 

FYI: Ashneer was accused by the company’s board of extensive misappropriation of funds through his family members.

Introducing Grover, Solanki said on the show: “TV pe log talent dikhane jaat hai, ye aukat dikha ke aa gaya. Samajh gaye kiski baat kar raha hoon main? Apni company se kaun nikala jata hai yaar (People show their talent on TV, he showed everyone his status. Understood who am I talking about? Who gets kicked out of his own company)!” 

Grilling Ashneer, Solanki said on the show: “Jo log nahi jaante hain sir ko mai sir ko introduce kr deta hu. Ameero ke Deepak Kalal hain ye.”

He added: “Tum socho, inhone nasha nahi kara apni zindagi mein, ye sober aisa hai! Bhai aap nasha kar lo. Hum laake denge aapko.”

Ashneer wasn’t quite impressed with being roasted over the topic and asked Solanki to remove the segment from his show. 

Solanki shared through IG: “Episode shoot.. ke baad guest ne bataya ki ye wale jokes vo bilkul nahi jhel paaye hain,” 

Deleted Episode 5:

Later, Aashish Solanki deleted Pretty Good Roast Show Episode 5  featuring him roasting Ashneer Grover.

“Ep 5 of Pretty Good Roast hata diya hai doston. Legal battle ladne ka paisa nahi hai. Sab show pe laga diya tha (The episode has been removed as I don’t have money to fight a legal battle. I used up all of my money for this show),” he said. 

The comedian added, “The response of previous episodes led us to believe our audiences were ready for roast humour. However, it seems that some, especially those in power, are not quite there yet.” 

Social Media Reaction:

Users trolled Ashneer Grover and accused him of “Doglapan” for having a poor sense of humour.

One user wrote: “Offended Ashneer making Ashish delete his roast video is still the second worst thing to happen, first is he got invited.”

The same user wrote: “Ameero ka deepak kalal” is the best description of @Ashneer_Grover I’ve heard. Dude is all stud but pissed his pants on a few jokes. Made Ashish delete the whole video. Peak Doglapan.”

Another user wrote: “deepak kalal wala galat toh nahi tha.”