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“Veer Savarkar is a Coward”: Naturals CEO Responds to Modi’s Challenge

CK Kumaravel, CEO of Naturals Salons, called Veer Savarkar a coward on X, sparking outrage. His comment was in response to PM Modi's challenge to praise Savarkar.

By Rashaad Ather
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CK Kumaravel: Co-founder At Naturals Salon

CK Kumaravel: Co-founder At Naturals Salon

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“#VeerSavarkar is a coward”, wrote the CEO and co-founder of Naturals salons, CK Kumaravel, in a pointer-form post on X.

He has come under heavy criticism for making brutal comments against one of the leaders during the freedom movement in India, Veer Savarkar. 

The polarising historical figure of Savarkar yields respect from right-wing political supporters and disparagement from left-wing supporters in India.

Kumaravel was responding to PM Modi’s challenge to the opposition I.N.D.I.A leaders at a recent rally in Kalyan, Maharashtra. 

Modi said, “I challenge INDI alliance leaders to say 5 sentences on greatness of Veer Savarkar”: posted PTI news on X.

CK Kumaravel reposted PTI’s post and sarcastically listed 5 sentences bashing Savarkar and alleging him of treasonous activities.

Kumaravel is also a known vocal supporter of the Congress party.

Social Media Reaction:

The Naturals CEO's post on X is receiving harsh criticism from netizens. Although the original PTI post saw mixed reactions wherein the right-wing supporters criticised the Naturals’ startup co-founder for spreading false allegations while leftists liked and reposted on their timelines.

One user wrote: “Never realised u own Naturals. Will stop going to Naturals.”

Another user wrote: “Spent 36 years in jail and then comment on this issue. Take this challenge. Are you ready if you are the true-born son of your father to take this challenge?”

Another wrote: “Uff. Now I’ll have to change the salon where I go to. Such a biased one-sided purview of a historical figure, while nobody talks about the sins of Gandhi himself is just the propaganda mafia by the fake Gandhi family. But glad you came out with your agenda. Off to Green Trends now!”

About Kumaravel:

Kumaravel is the CEO and co-founder of the Naturals salon chain with his wife, K Veena, in 2000. Inspired by his mother, RC Hemalatha, he aims to create a 'housewife-free India' by empowering more women entrepreneurs. His vision is to empower 1000 women entrepreneurs, establish 3000 salons, and create 50000 jobs globally by 2025.