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Ullu founder launches family-friendly mythology OTT platform, Hari Om

Vibhu Agarwal, the founder of Ullu, is launching Hari Om, a new streaming platform in June 2024 focusing on mythological content, targeting seniors, kids, and young adults.

By Rashaad Ather
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Vibhu Agarwal - Founder At Ullu

Vibhu Agarwal - Founder At Ullu

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Vibhu Agarwal, founder of Ullu, is launching a new streaming platform called Hari Om in June 2024, focusing on mythological content. 

Unlike Ullu, which caters to an adult audience, Hari Om will offer Indian heritage and religious shows. It will have over 20 mythological series, bhajans, and animated content for children, targeting seniors, kids, and young adults.

Focus On Indian Culture:

Hari Om is Agarwal's third streaming platform, following Ullu and Atrangii. The platform aims to help Indians connect with their roots, culture, and heritage. The line-up includes shows like Shri Tirupati Balaji, Mata Saraswati, and Jai Jagannath. 

“As Indians, it is essential for us to know our roots, culture, tradition, and heritage to develop a sense of pride and respect for it. This app will feature only mythological and religious content which can be consumed by the entire family together. Recognizing the demand among the senior citizens and younger audiences to explore our Indian mythology, we are delighted to announce Hari Om," Agarwal said to Moneycontrol.

Agarwal plans to invest in high-budget productions with impressive sets and storytelling.

Nivedita Basu, Senior Vice President at Atrangii, says Hari Om will feature untold mythological stories with exceptional casts and immersive content, highlighting India's rich cultural heritage.

Hari Om's launch in June 2024 marks a significant addition to Agarwal's portfolio of streaming services. As he continues to focus on Ullu's IPO and invests in more content, Hari Om stands out as a unique offering in the OTT space. 

Overall, Hari Om aims to be more than just another streaming service; it seeks to be a cultural touchstone that reinforces the importance of heritage and tradition in modern India.