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This Hyderabad Startup Is Developing India's 1st Reusable Rocket

Hyderabad-based startup Abyom Space has completed over 150 tests for India’s first reusable rocket, using liquid Ethanol fuel and a Pressure-Fed Cycle.

By Rashaad Ather
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Hyderabad-based Spacetech Abyom Space

Hyderabad-based Spacetech Abyom Space

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Hyderabad-based startup 'Abyom Space' has concluded its 150+ test Battleship Engine Testing Series to develop India's first reusable rocket. 

The rocket uses traditional liquid fuel Ethanol and operates on a Pressure-Fed Cycle.

The space tech startup took to X to share the news.

Idea’s Origin:

According to Abyom Space, India plans to launch its space station by 2035 and send its first astronaut for space tourism.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is seeking industry collaboration to develop a reusable rocket capable of carrying heavier payloads into orbit. 

ISRO's Next Generation Launch Vehicle (NGLV) is a three-stage partially reusable rocket that eco-friendly fuel combinations could power. 

This initiative has inspired Abyom Space to become India's First Private Space Tech Company, focusing on developing reusable rockets with specialised engines.

Goals & Objectives:

Abyom's Reusable Sounding Rocket (RSR) aims to serve the launch of satellites for various purposes such as Meteorology, Weather Forecasting, Microgravity Experiments, Basic & Applied Biological Research, Aggrotech Data, Media Advertising, and other Research Experiments in the D & E layers of Atmospheres.

It reduces costs by up to 50% and offers quicker launch services compared to others.