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TCS CEO Krithivasan Is The Lowest-Paid IT CEO (Rs 25.36 Cr) In FY24

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) CEO K Krithivasan earned an annual compensation of Rs 25.36 crore in 2023-24, the lowest among major IT companies.

By Rashaad Ather
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K Krithivasan - TCS CEO

K Krithivasan - TCS CEO

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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) boss K Krithivasan is the lowest earner (Rs 25.36 crore) among most large Indian IT company CEOs. 

Yep, the man claiming to lead the largest (6 lakh) AI-ready employees is earning less than his own Chief Operating Officer (COO). 

Compensation Breakdown:

He made Rs 25.36 crore from basic salary, benefits, perquisites and allowances, and commission in 2023-24 while COO N G Subramaniam made Rs 26.1 crore. He’ll be retiring from TCS this month

Out of which, he received a commission of Rs 21 crore per TCS’ annual report.

The compensation does not include the employee stock purchase scheme (ESPS). He holds around 11,232 stocks in the company.

TCS has been training employees in AI skills to support clients' work in AI-integrated projects. CEO Krithivasan discussed the company's future during the TCS Blitz in Abu Dhabi and shared initiatives to revitalise strengths, address gaps and capture new business opportunities.

In FY22-23, Infosys’ CEO Salil Parekh earned the most amongst IT company CEOs – at Rs 56 crore annual remuneration package. This was followed by the newly appointed Wipro CEO Srinivas Pallia, whose annual remuneration package is approximately Rs 50 crore.

Despite leading a large AI-ready workforce, Krithivasan also warned BPO employees that AI might kill their jobs this year.

“As we build on this momentum, I have no doubt that together we will unlock many new opportunities,” he said.

According to Moneycontrol, TCS won't replace Subramaniam. His duties will be distributed among top leadership. 

CEO Krithivasan thanked him for his contributions and mentorship, wishing him the best for his future. He added that Subramaniam leaves behind TCS's culture of client-centricity.