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Tata-backed company uses power bill notices to promote its AC service

Ratan Tata-backed Urban Company is marketing AC cleaning services via direct mail, featuring a clever electricity bill of Rs 9000 to grab attention. The mail promises up to Rs 3000 savings on electricity.

By Rashaad Ather
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Ratan Tata-backed startup: Urban Company

Ratan Tata-backed startup: Urban Company

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Ratan Tata backed startup Urban Company is sending direct mail to people to market their AC cleaning services.

Its flashy cover page of the mail asks recipients to pay their electricity bill due of Rs 9000. 

The envelope contains an advertisement offering savings of up to Rs 3000 on their electricity bill with a discount coupon of Rs 100.

How? Apparently, the Gurgaon-based startup’s efficient AC cleaning services will allow users to save on their electricity expenses.

VC investor Rahul Mathur shared that he got the mail letter too.

Impressed with the marketing strategy, he shared a few points:

“Now, couple of points here:

(1) Clickbait isn’t just digital - despite the cover being super obvious that it is a fake; it still made us open the envelope and NOT throw it away like most other promotional garbage.

(2) Timing is also apt: Summers are in full swing in Mumbai; you’re most likely running the AC more than usual i.e. anticipating a higher electricity bill.

(3) Comms is anchored around cost savings- pretty good work. Most folks want a cheaper electricity bill (not necessarily the clean ac, right JTBD captured)

Good work from team UC :)”: wrote Mathur.

Social Media Reaction:

Users on X are sharing their mixed reactions in the comments.

One user wrote: “In the world of Online marketing, they went the good ol' offline route.”

Another user wrote: “Why are you praising this practice?

We see enough click bait online, definitely don't want it offline

They are also blatantly lying about "9000rs" saving on the bill. AC hatado tab bhi itna save nahi hoga. 

Rather than use UC I would rather go with a local technician based on recommendations of neighbours.”