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Skye Air Launches Drones To Deliver Groceries, Medicines In Gurugram

Skye Air, a drone logistics startup, delivers medicines and groceries to Gurugram apartments, bypassing traffic. Customers receive orders within minutes, through Swiggy, Zepto, etc.

By Rashaad Ather
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Home Delivery By Skye Air Drones

Home Delivery By Skye Air Drones

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Sky Air, a drone logistics startup, is delivering medicines and groceries to Gurugram apartments via drones to bypass traffic congestion and environmental concerns.

Customers say they’re getting goods delivered quickly when they order online while some goods reach their place within minutes. 

How this works: When a customer orders an item through delivery apps like Swiggy, Zepto, or Zomato, a drone is sent to the nearby Skye Pods for delivery.

Skye Pods are containers installed for last-mile delivery executives to collect and deliver to the customer’s doorsteps.

About Skye Air:

CEO Ankit Kumar highlighted that Skye Air started in 2019 with two drones and has successfully implemented drone delivery in Gurugram, with government support. 

Kumar told ANI that his 30-drone fleet easily bypasses traffic in urban areas. 

Ankit Kumar mentioned they are working in Himachal, focusing on the healthcare sector. 

They plan to expand their drone fleet to 100 units within 18-24 months. 

Addressing weather challenges, he said they avoid flying drones in severe weather but can operate in light rain. 

The company has received approximately Rs 33 crore in funding and is currently focusing on Gurugram for e-commerce and quick commerce. 

Additionally, they are active in healthcare in Deoghar, Patna, Nagaland, and Himachal, as well as in the agri-commodity sector. 

They are collaborating with AIIMS, NHAM, and various e-commerce companies.