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Shaadi.com’s Anupam Mittal Launches Satirical AI Dowry Calculator Tool

Shaadi.com’s founder Anupam Mittal announced an AI feature, DowrAI, to calculate dowry. Initially criticized, the calculator actually highlights the alarming dowry deaths in India.

By Rashaad Ather
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Anupam Mittal - Founder At Shaadi.com

Anupam Mittal - Founder At Shaadi.com

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Shaadi.com’s founder and Shark Tank India Judge Anupam Mittal recently posted a video on his IG page announcing a new AI feature to calculate dowry on his platform.

According to the website, DowrAI is India’s first dowry calculator that knows how much a person is worth in today’s marriage market.

In his post, he wrote, ‘Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat ab tum bhi jaano Ramesh babu.’ 

Mittal starts the video with the hook: “Arre bhai, pehle dowry calculate karna kitna easy hota tha…”

He explains in the video that earlier dowry calculation was simple but nowadays many factors like income and SIPs are considered. Even mobile phone brands and honeymoon destinations like Maldives or Lakshadweep are considered. 

Baffled social media users questioned the intent of Mittal’s promotional video. 

Did Anupam Mittal Promote Dowry System?

When you visit https://shaadi.org/dowry-calculator/, you will see a dowry calculation form. 

You need to fill in details such as age, occupation, monthly salary, education, residence, and country, and then click the calculate button. 

After that, you will receive important statistical data about the alarming number of dowry deaths reported in India overthe last 10 years.

It continues to ask a deeply impactful question: ‘Before you calculate your value, ask yourself, what is his life worth?’ The dowry is handed over. Be part of the changes.

Social Media Reaction:

Initially, when Mittal posted the video on Instagram, people insulted him because they thought he was promoting dowry. The campaign video has now gone viral with over 41k likes and 1500+ comments in less than a day.

One user wrote: “Just checked the dowry calculator sir you are a genius.”

Another user wrote: “Very catchy marketing to bring about change! 😍”

The third user commented: “So those who don't know , the dowry calculator actually results in dowry deaths statistical data , a good initiative by his company.”