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Robot Commits ‘Suicide’ In South Korea Due To Work Overload

In Gumi City, South Korea, a "Robot Supervisor" employed by the city council since August 2023 reportedly committed suicide due to overwork. Found at the bottom of a stairwell, witnesses noticed the robot acting strangely before falling.

By Rashaad Ather
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City Hall Robot Commits Suicide In South Korea

City Hall Robot Commits Suicide In South Korea

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A robot civil servant, ‘Robot Supervisor’, working for the Gumi City Council in South Korea reportedly committed suicide around 4 pm last Thursday due to overwork.

The "Robot Supervisor" was found at the bottom of a stairwell. Witnesses reported seeing the robot behaving strangely before falling. Officials believe the incident may be related to the robot's workload.

The versatile robot has been employed at city hall since August 2023. The robot worked from 9 am to 6 pm, delivering documents, promoting the city, and providing information to residents. The versatile robot, employed at city hall, could also move between floors using elevators, a rare capability among its kind.

Public Reaction:

The robot's breakdown has sparked mixed emotions and opinions. Some question if it was overworked, while others ponder the broader implications of integrating robots into daily tasks.

One user wrote: “A country with unrealistic sick and disgusting social and work culture. A country with no human values, a country with obsession for plastic surgery, Achieved a new landmark. It makes sense. @southkoreapro @bts_bighit”

Another user posted: “Damn ! Don't worry guys robots will never replace humans . This robot guy couldn't survive even for an year. We got much high tolerance than this robot guy .”

A third user commented: “Just as humans, robots have limitations”

Bear Robotics:

The robot was created by Bear Robotics, a California robotics startup that provided the Gumi-si city hall with its versatile robot. South Korea is a country with one of the highest robot densities in the world. There’s one robot for every 10 employees in the South Asian country.

For now, the Gumi City Council has decided not to replace their fallen mechanical colleague. The tragic event has led to a pause in their robot adoption plans, reflecting a moment of reconsideration in a nation famous for its enthusiasm for automation.