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Mumbai Doctor Finds "Human Finger" In Ice-Cream Ordered Online

Dr. Brendan Ferrao, 26, found a human finger piece in his butterscotch ice cream from Yummo Ice Cream in Mumbai. Malad police bass filed a case against the company employees.

By Rashaad Ather
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A Human FInger Piece In Ice-Cream

A Human FInger Piece In Ice-Cream

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A 26-year-old Mumbai doctor complained to Malad police station today about a chopped human finger piece he found in his online-ordered butterscotch ice cream cone from Yummo Ice Cream company on Wednesday.

“When I carefully noticed the ice cream cone, I discovered a piece of flesh with a broken nail attached to it on the ice cream scoop. I felt like vomiting”: said Dr Brendan Ferrao.

The doctor then contacted the customer care department of the ice cream manufacturer and complained. 

But he said since there was no prompt response from the company, he approached the Malad police and showed them the piece of flesh he found in the ice cream. 

Police Case Registered:

The police sent the suspected piece of a human finger to a forensic lab for confirmation and showed them pictures and videos of the ice cream before it melted.

The Malad police filed a complaint against Yummo Ice Cream company, accordingly. 

The Malad police registered a case against unidentified employees of the ice cream company under sections 272 (adulteration of food article), 273 (selling food or drink that has become noxious), and 336 (rash and dangerous act endangering human life) of the Indian Penal Code.

Dr Ferrao has an MBBS degree from Russia and previously worked at Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai. He’s currently preparing for postgraduation studies.