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Modi on G20 Delhi Summit 2023: ‘I decided not to limit G20 to Modi’

In an explosive interview with Aaj Tak’s Chitra Tripathi before filing nomination from Varanasi, PM Modi said about last year’s G20 Delhi summit, “I had already decided that I would not limit the G20 to Modi...”

By Rashaad Ather
New Update
PM Modi interviewed by Aaj Tak's Chitra Tripathi

PM Modi interviewed by Aaj Tak's Chitra Tripathi

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Lok Sabha elections 2024 are in full swing.

Congress and BJP, the only two national parties in India, are going toe-to-toe to gain an edge with high-powered speeches and rallies.

Three phases have already gone by.

The fourth phase is a crucial one; especially for PM Narendra Modi, who’s fighting from Varanasi for the third consecutive time.

Just before filing nomination papers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took some time for a candid interview with Aaj Tak’s Chitra Tripathi.

He expressed confidence in Uttar Pradesh's support and believes the state won't let him down despite running for the third time.

Talking about Congress’ position in Uttar Pradesh, he said they won't even find footing in the state this time.

Critique of Rahul Gandhi:

Aaj Tak’s asked PM Modi about his competitor Rahul Gandhi's choice to contest from Rae Bareli after leaving his current Wayanad seat in Kerala.

PM Modi questioned Gandhi’s decision and criticised his speech-language, suggesting Kerala had taught him harsh lessons.

Rejection of Dynasty Politics:

When asked about his views on dynasty politics, PM told Aaj Tak that Uttar Pradesh has grown averse to it, citing the public rejection of Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav in state elections.

But he credited Yogi Adityanath's leadership for transformative changes in the state.

Praise for BJP Governance:

PM Modi praised CM Yogi Adityanath when quizzed about his performance as Chief Minister of UP.

He lauded Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's dedication and commitment to the state's development.

Also, he emphasised the importance of BJP governance for Uttar Pradesh's prosperity. 

Sharad Pawar's Statement:

Commenting on Sharad Pawar's prediction of small parties merging with Congress, the PM inferred that it reflects the acknowledgement of Congress's inability to lead a viable opposition. He suggested that Pawar sees the merger as a means to strengthen the opposition.

G20 New Delhi Summit:

Aaj Tak also quizzed the PM on the G20 summit New Delhi held last year

He said the aim was to leverage the G20 conference to showcase India's diversity. 

PM Modi told Aaj Tak, ‘India is a market of crores of people. When the G20 conference was to be held in the country, I did an experiment. I had already decided that I would not limit the G20 to Modi and Delhi. I took the G20 to many cities. Decision makers from all over the world came to this conference. One lakh people saw the country. Then they came to know how diverse our country is. I worked on branding the country.’

Mother's Wisdom:

PM Modi also shared the invaluable lessons he learned from his mother, particularly how integrity, honesty, and compassion towards the less fortunate is the path to a principled life.