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Jobseeker Appeals Founder To Hire Him So He Can Marry Childhood Love

Dipalie Bajaj, founder of Arva Health, shared a screenshot of a funny job application on X for an engineer role. He appealed to hire him so he could marry his childhood love, as her father set employment as a condition.

By Rashaad Ather
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Jobseeker's Funny Pitch

Jobseeker's Funny Pitch

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Dipalie Bajaj, the founder of Arva Health, shared a screenshot of a job seeker’s funny application pitch she received online on Thursday.

“Hiring can be fun too”: Dipali wrote on X with an attached screenshot.

The applicant can be seen appealing that securing the job was crucial to his personal life, as he wants to marry his childhood love and her father has set securing it as a pre-condition.

The image attached to Bajaj’s tweet read: “I believe I bring a unique blend of Full stack that aligns well with the requirements of this role. Also if I don’t get this job I would never marry my childhood love because her father say u will only marry her if you have a job.”

The Context:

Dipali posted about a job opening at her firm on X on Tuesday, 11th June 2024. She attached an application link for applicants to submit their responses for contact later.

Jokes aside, it's nice to see candidates injecting humor into their applications, but job applications and hiring processes can be quite stressful. Not to mention for some applicants, there's a lot at stake if they don't get the job.

This also highlights how job security plays a significant role in personal decisions, albeit in a light-hearted manner. Bajaj's story serves as a reminder of the human element in the corporate world and the diverse motivations that drive individuals in their careers.

Social Media Reaction:

X users are reacting positively to the post.

One user wrote: “Hire him for the honesty.”

Another user commented: “Dude being honest, 

The real thing would be if the HR is considering him for the next round...“

A third user replied: “Bro would work so as to not get fired at any costs.”