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Indian-Origin Techie, Working In US, Laid Off By Native Indians

An Indian-origin software engineer in the US was laid off by native Indians for cheaper labour. Despite efforts to retain his job by offering to relocate, his employer prioritized cost-cutting.

By Rashaad Ather
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The Laid-Off Indian-Origin Techie Working In The US

Laid-Off Indian-Origin Techie Working In The US

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Job layoffs are becoming more common, particularly in the tech industry.

An India-born software engineer in the US was laid off and replaced by another Indian due to outsourcing. 

He shared his experience on social media, expressing his disappointment at being replaced.

The video posted by user Alphafox78 shows a software engineer who was recently laid off. His whole team was replaced by employees from India, including his position. 

Despite being Indian himself, he was unable to retain his job.

He even pitched himself as an Indian-origin techie to keep his job but to no avail. Not only that, he even offered to relocate to India.

“If you keep me around, I’m already Indian, right? We can get rid of these crackers and replace them with my friends,"

His employers informed him that they were looking for people willing to work for lower salaries. 

They told him, "We are letting you go. We are moving the job to India to be done by people who will do it for less." 

Social Media Reaction:

After his video went viral, it sparked a divided reaction on the internet. 

One user commented, "It's not that you're Indian; it's that you are now 90% less expensive." 

Another user said, "At least he didn't have to train them before he was fired... there's that."

A third user wrote: “It's all about the money.  They will work for way less in India.  It's not even close.  We can't compete with India, or China when it comes to how little they can survive with over there.”