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‘I work from the moment I wake up, 7 days a week': Nvidia's Huang

During a chat with Stripe CEO Patrick Collison, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang shared his work-life balance. Huang said he enjoys his company despite daily challenges.

By Rashaad Ather
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Jensen Huang - CEO And Co-founder At NVIDIA

Jensen Huang: Co-founder, CEO At NVIDIA

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Stripe CEO Patrick Collison asked Nvidia CEO and co-founder Jensen Huang about his work-life balance.

The 61-year-old founder-CEO of $3 trillion Nvidia said he begins to work from the moment he wakes up and even when he is not working, he is thinking about work, seven days a week.

"I'm working from the moment I wake up until I go to bed, seven days a week. When I’m not working, I’m thinking about working. And when I’m working, I’m all in," said the AI chipmaker boss during a chat with Stripe CEO Patrick Collison.

He mentioned that he usually wakes up at 5 am but enjoys reading in bed until 6 am so as not to disturb his dogs. 

"I used to wake up at 5 am, but these days, I wake up at 6 am because of my dogs... I don't mind waking anybody up, but I feel guilty when I wake the puppies up," he told Collison.

Huang is one of the longest-serving tech CEOs and the 14th richest person in the world with a net worth of $105.8 billion. also shared his perspective on work, saying that while some people believe the "best jobs are the ones that bring you happiness all the time," he doesn't quite see it that way. 

Importance Of Struggle:

He believes it takes suffering and struggle to "truly appreciate what you've accomplished."

"When you want to build something great, it's not easy, and when you are doing something that's not easy, you're not always enjoying it," the Nvidia boss mentioned. 

"I don't love every day of my job, not every day brings me joy; nor does joy have to be the definition of a good day... but I love the company every single second."