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Google Techie Develops 'World's First AI Dress' Ft. Robotic Snakes

Christina Ernst, a Google software engineer, created the world's first AI dress, featuring robotic snakes that move towards viewers' faces using AI. She shared her journey and challenges in crafting this "robotic Medusa dress" on Instagram.

By Rashaad Ather
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World's First AI Dress By Google Techie

World's First AI Dress By Google Techie

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Christina Ernst, a software engineer at Google, created the "world's first AI dress" and shared a viral video of her "robotic Medusa dress" on Instagram

She programmed the dress with AI to detect faces and move the snake's head towards the viewer. The black dress features several robotic snakes, with one around her neck.

“I coded an optimal mode that uses artificial intelligence to detect faces and moves the snake head towards the person looking at you. So, maybe this is the world’s first AI dress. Surveillance state, but make it fashion.”

The black dress features several robotic snakes, with one around her neck specifically.

She also described her journey of building the dress, including the various challenges she encountered along the way.

Crafting Robotic Medusa:

Ernst crafted a robotic Medusa dress with 3D-printed snakes, one of which uses AI to detect and mimic real snake movements. She explained the process in a video, showcasing her creation proudly.

“I learned to create TinkerCAD models to create snake bodies, then I 3D printed them, spray painted them, and added a rotating motor,” said Ernst in her video.

She added, “My robotic Medusa dress is finally done,” she proudly declared in the video, flaunting her creation.

Overcoming Challenges:

Ernst openly shared her failures, adding authenticity to her impressive project. She admitted her favourite failure, the foil snake prototype. Her transparency added a layer of authenticity to her already impressive project. 

“So maybe this is the world’s first AI dress?” she proudly remarked.

Social Media Reaction:

Ernst is receiving mixed reactions from social media users.

One user wrote: “Watch a designer try to steal this and have it at the next Met gala”

Another user replied, “Okay this is INSANELY IMPRESSIVE. All the comments should be geeking out. You're wildly skilled. This is the coolest right/ left brain crossover ever.”

A third user commented: “I certainly had much higher expectations for the design as well!”

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