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"Future...can be brighter": Japanese Deep-Tech Startups Eye IIT Talent

At the NEDO IIT-Delhi Japan Deep-Tech Collaboration event, NEDO Director General Takeshi Yoshida shared his plans to partner with IIT Delhi's talented students for Japanese deep-tech startups.

By Rashaad Ather
New Update
Indian Institute Of Technology, Delhi

Indian Institute Of Technology, Delhi

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“The future of Japan and India can be brighter and more prosperous through the collaboration of Japanese deep-tech startups and the talent pool at IIT Delhi,” said Takeshi Yoshida, Director General of NEDO HQ, in New Delhi this week.

This collaboration aims to connect Japanese startups with India's IT talent, which is essential in today's interconnected world.

A Strong Partnership:

At the “NEDO IIT-Delhi Japan Deep-Tech Collaboration” event, Yoshida emphasised NEDO's role in fostering this partnership.

NEDO, established in 1980, is Japan’s national research and development agency.

It supports energy and industrial technology projects globally, including significant initiatives in India since 2008.

Supporting Deep-Tech Startups:

Yoshida highlighted NEDO's active support for Japanese startups, subsidising R&D for about 1,000 startups over the past decade.

These startups receive various subsidies, from USD 22k to USD 18m, across sectors like AI, robotics, and biotechnology.

The event at IIT Delhi showcased five deep-tech startups, aiming to ship hot IIT Delhi talent for global growth.