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'Forget kids, Do good deeds': Zerodha’s 37 YO child-free Nikhil Kamath

Zerodha's billionaire Nikhil Kamath recently expressed his firm stance against having children on his WTF podcast. He believes spending decades raising kids, hoping for gratitude in old age, isn’t worth it.

By Rashaad Ather
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Nikhil Kamath: Co-founder At Zerodha

Nikhil Kamath: Co-founder At Zerodha

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Billionaire Zerodha founder Nikhil Kamath is against having kids.

In his latest WTF podcast, the 37-year-old Kamath shared his strong views. 

Apparently, he doesn’t want to have children to continue his "legacy". 

According to Kamath, spending two decades of life "babysitting" only to hope that his children treat him well when he gets old, isn’t worth it.

"This is also partly why I don't have kids. I'm going to ruin 18-20 years of my life babysitting this child and then if luck serves me right, the reverse will happen at some point. What if he says 'scr** you' at 18 and leaves anyway.": Kamath said.


He doesn’t believe in the idea of “legacy” either.

"I think we all feel that we are more important than we actually are... you are born and you die like every other animal on the planet and then you are gone and nobody remembers anybody," he said.

In fact, Kamath believes it's vanity to have kids only to be remembered after death. 

Kamath's Meaning of Life:

"What's the point in being remembered (after death)? I feel like you should come, you should live well, you should be nice to the people you meet in your life," he said.

Upon being asked the obvious question, which is, heir to his vast personal wealth, he said hoarding wealth for future generations isn’t for him. 

Kamath became the youngest Indian to join 'The Giving Pledge last year'. He promised to donate most of his money to help others. He got the idea from other big-hearted entrepreneurs like Nandan Nilekani, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, and Azim Premji, who are also part of this generous group.

“So, there are four people in India who have signed The Giving Pledge -- the other three happen to be really good friends of mine. And Bangaloreans will resonate with this -- all of them are from Bangalore. All four of us are friends. Me and Kiran live in the same apartment… we all tend to meet once in a month for dinner or travel together,” Business Today quoted Kamath as saying.