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Flipkart Calls Mumbai Man After 6 Years Over Pending Order

Ahsan Kharbai from Mumbai ordered Sparx slippers for ₹485 on Flipkart in May 2018, but never received them. Six years later, Flipkart customer support called to address the issue.

By Rashaad Ather
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Flipkart Customer Ordered A Pair Of Slippers 6 Years Ago

Flipkart Customer Ordered A Pair Of Slippers 6 Years Ago

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A Mumbai man, Ahsan Kharbai, who placed an order for a pair of Sparx slippers on Flipkart six years ago in May 2018, got a call back from the delivery company asking about the issue he was facing. 

Kharbai didn’t receive his order although the status on his app still shows ‘arriving today’. But Flipkart customer support recently reached out to him, leaving him amused. 

He posted about his frustrating experience on X, sharing a screenshot of his order history. He ordered Sparx Slippers for ₹485 on May 16, 2018, with a delivery date of May 20. Despite this, the order remained undelivered, showing "arriving today" on the app, he told Hindustan Times.

The customer care rep apologized for the issue and asked if he had been contacted by the logistics team.

“After 6 yrs @Flipkart called me for this order asking me what issue I was facing,” he wrote on X. 


Social Media Reaction:

One user wrote: “Maybe you opened Flipkart from Internet Explorer,”

Another user shared a similar experience he faced, saying their order had been stuck in the “out for delivery” status since 2015.

Mr Kharbai explained that the order was cash-on-delivery and he couldn't cancel it on the app.

He wanted the order closed because it was mistakenly placed. He had clicked on the order the day before which led to Flipkart contacting him.

The customer care representative apologized for the issue.

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