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Blinkit signs Karan Johar’s new lipsticks for perfect pouts in 10 min

Blinkit teams up with MyGlamm to offer Karan Johar's new POUT lipsticks, catering to the surge in beauty product orders on hyperlocal delivery platforms.

By Rashaad Ather
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MyGlamm's POUT by Karan Johar

MyGlamm's POUT by Karan Johar

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A perfect pout in 10 minutes: The hyperlocal delivery startup Blinkit partners up with MyGlamm to deliver Karan Johar’s New POUT lipsticks.

Beauty products are getting orders in great numbers on hyperlocal delivery platforms like Blinkit, Instamart and Zepto. 

Industry experts also estimate these products to be hitting a 20% quarter-on-quarter rise in sales. 

Now, the Zomato-owned startup Blinkit has decided to feature MyGlamm POUT by Karan Johar on its app for customers.

Recently, Karan Johar collaborated with beauty and personal care conglomerate Good Glamm Group to come up with a makeup brand for it.

MyGlamm POUT's range of products, including lipsticks, lip liners, and lip glosses, will be available for delivery on Blinkit. 

Anish Shrivastava, Category Head at Blinkit, told ET that "listing such luxury, celebrity-led makeup products is bound to bring unparalleled convenience & experience to customers," 

While Ketan Bhatia, Group Brand Director at Good Glamm Group, responded: "In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key, and with quick commerce startup Blinkit's lightning-fast delivery, we're bringing luxury beauty directly to our customers' doorsteps in just 10 minutes," 

Popularity on Hyperlocal platforms:

According to the Economic Times, Kaushik Mukherjee, co-founder of Sugar Cosmetics, reached ₹1 lakh in daily sales by their second month on another hyperlocal delivery startup Zepto and generated over ₹2 crore in monthly sales through quick commerce. 

In a recent LinkedIn post, Mukherjee said two years ago, he would have dismissed such partnerships as a 'flight of fancy.' 

Arush Chopra, co-founder and CEO of Just Herbs, also recalled the idea of customers ordering cosmetics via quick commerce, which "felt unrealistic" before. 

However, Just Herbs' mini lipstick kits proved successful, and the founders followed up by launching its eyeliners on Blinkit, too.