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Bad managers don’t offer much but unite team members: CRED CEO

CRED founder Kunal Shah's recent post on X about "bad managers" is trending. Shah claimed bad managers, while unproductive, foster strong team bonds.

By Rashaad Ather
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Kunal Shah - Founder At CRED

Kunal Shah - CEO & Co-founder At CRED

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CRED founder Kunal Shah is known for unconventional remarks on topics related to the business world.

This time he’s trending on X for his post about “bad managers”. Shah wrote that even though bad managers are of no use to a company, their affliction on subordinates is a catalyst for stronger bonds and unity among the team members.

Shah wrote on X: “Bad managers don’t offer much benefit but often end up creating strong bonds among the team members who report to them.

Social Media Reaction:

Users on X are relating positively to Shah’s post.

One user wrote: “well nothing aligns 2 persons more than a shared discontentment or hatred for a particular person, movie or a thing.”

Another user wrote: “Silver lining? A bad boss can forge strong team bonds as you commiserate & rely on each other.”

A third user commented: “Sure, bad managers might bring teams closer together because everyone is dealing with the same struggles, but this usually comes with a lot of stress and frustration. It's much better to have a good manager who can build strong team bonds without all the negativity.”

A fourth user replied: “Bad managers might not bring much to the table, but they inadvertently create resilient, tightly-knit teams. Shared adversity is a powerful unifier.”

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