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Apna Gets 160 Job Applications/ Minute: Job Portal Founder Parikh

In a recent interview with podcaster Raj Shamani, Apna founder Nirmit Parikh shared that his job portal receives 160 job applications per minute. Founded in 2019, Apna became a unicorn within 2 years.

By Rashaad Ather
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Apna Founder Nirmit Parikh

Apna Founder Nirmit Parikh

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In a recent interview with podcaster Raj Shamani, Apna founder Nirmit Parikh revealed that the company receives 160 job applications every minute. Apna is India’s largest talent-hiring platform that became a unicorn company within 2 years of its foundation in 2019.

Parikh talked about the ins and outs of middle-class privilege and the entrepreneurial spirit in India.

He mentioned to Shamani that being middle class is definitely a privilege, but it's often overlooked until you start making money and realise the advantages you've had. 

He shared stories about friends whose parents were taxi drivers or factory workers, and how some people hesitated to talk about their parents' jobs.

Parikh's journey is about solving problems, inspired by a family tradition of fixing things rather than seeking outside help. 

This outlook led him to start his first company at 19 to tackle real-world issues. 

His first project aimed to prevent floods in Gujarat. Since then, he has launched multiple businesses, always addressing important issues.

His current venture, the job portal startup Apna, is flooded with 160 job applications every minute, with 30% coming from women. 

This incredible growth shows just how successful the platform has been in dealing with employment challenges in India. Parikh emphasised that India isn't just struggling; it's hustling. 

He truly believes that any effort to solve a problem, when scaled up, can become a major business. For him, entrepreneurship is about spotting opportunities, effectively solving problems, and helping people enhance their lives.

Parikh sees India as a startup that has gone through various growth phases. He urged listeners to see problems as opportunities and to hustle towards solutions that can bring huge benefits to themselves and their communities.

About Apna:

Apna connects over 5 crore job seekers and 7 lakh employers across 825+ cities in India. 

Supported by major investors like Tiger Global and Sequoia Capital, Apna partners with leading enterprises and government organisations to enhance job opportunities and skill development nationwide.