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A+ Folks Avoid Them: CRED’S Kunal Shah On Mediocre People

Kunal Shah of CRED sparked controversy with a post on X, claiming mediocre people associate with other mediocre individuals, as A+ people avoid them.

By Rashaad Ather
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Kunal Shah - Founder At CRED

Kunal Shah - Founder At CRED

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“Mediocre people often have a clear tell: you'll often see them hanging out with other mediocre people, probably because the A+ folks avoid them.": wrote CRED founder Kunal Shah on X.

Shah’s dig at “mediocre people” has angered a lot of online users as they justify their reasons.

Many online users are questioning Shah’s link between friendships and achievement.

Critics argue that friendships are based on shared interests, values, and experiences, not just professional success. 

Labelling people as "mediocre" based on their social circles overlooks the complexities of human connections. The internet responded with humour and disapproval, questioning the definition of "A+ folks" and citing examples of successful individuals with diverse friend groups.

Social Media Reaction:

One user replied: “Sir some of us don't assign grades to our friends”

Shah responded with a gif mocking his reply.

Another user replied: "doesn’t correlate with real life for me — people hang out more based on their value systems than anything else and within that they might seek folks at their level ( A or D-) for a particular thing they are doing. i hope i don't personally blanket label people at A+ or D- and explore everyone for what they are / bring.

besides supposedly a+ people by some definition maybe total douchebag…often true …and are best avoided."

A third user commented: "Lol, who gives a grade to their friend. You maintain an excel with grades for ppl u know?"

A fourth user replied: "You don’t know if someone is mediocre or A+ until you see their character during wartime.  Everything else is just superficial judgement and utterly useless"