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86% Employees In India 'Struggling' Or 'Suffering': Gallup Report 2024

In 2024, only 14% of Indian employees feel they are thriving, compared to 34% worldwide, according to Gallup's report on employee well-being.

By Rashaad Ather
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86% Indian Employees Not Happy

86% Indian Employees Not Happy

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In 2024, only 14% of Indian employees feel they are "thriving" in life, in stark contrast to 34% of employees worldwide. 

The report by Gallup examines employee mental health and well-being at a global level, classifying respondents as thriving, struggling, or suffering based on the Life Evaluation Index.

In the survey, those rating their present life situation as 7 or higher and having a positive outlook for the next five years were classified as "thriving." 

Respondents with an uncertain or negative view of their present life situation were considered "struggling." 

Those feeling miserable and having a negative view of the future were also classified as "struggling." 

Gallup noted that those in the struggling category reported experiencing more challenges and health issues compared to those classified as thriving.

India’s Performance On Life Evaluation Index

According to the 2024 Gallup State of the Global Workplace report, only 14% of Indians feel they are thriving, with 86% admitting to struggling or suffering. 

India also reported the second-highest rate of thriving in Asia at only 14%, with only 35% of respondents admitting to experiencing daily anger. 

However, India maintained a high employee engagement rate of 32%, well above the global average of 23%.