Tired of seeing people lose money on betting apps, this entrepreneur launched a money-free sports prediction app – got 8 lakh users in 1 month.

Founded in January 2023, BeBetta is an Ahmedabad-based comprehensive sports betting mobile application and platform that allows users to predict , play, and win without the risk or use of real money.

With meticulous product development, the platform was officially launched in October 2023.

BeBetta’s founder is Meet Shah, a seasoned entrepreneur. He did his MSc in International Business from Newcastle University in the UK.

Previously, Meet successfully founded and exited a B2B startup, where he facilitated the sale of consciously made products. He built a global supply chain model and enabled over 7000 Indian artisans to sell their offerings to retail giants like Walmart and others in the U.S. markets.

BeBetta: The Journey

The idea for BeBetta came to Meet during his Master’s program in London, where he observed a pervasive betting culture around sports.

As a passionate football enthusiast, he questioned the prevalent transactional nature imposed by numerous betting companies and fantasy apps.

This led him to a realization: the existing platforms had created an environment where showcasing passion for sports was synonymous with putting in real money, losing it, and then putting it in again.

When he came back to India, he dug deeper into the Indian gaming landscape, and found that 80% of users engaged in gaming apps for free, yet companies predominantly focused on converting them into paying customers without adequate incentives.

Fueled by this insight, Meet conceptualized Bebetta, a platform designed to incentivize users for their sports engagement, fostering a vibrant community with no risk.

He began product development with a team of 10 people in February 2023, and launched BeBetta in October 2023.

Incentivizing Sports Engagement

Bebetta allows users to bet on sports matches, collecting digital coins as they engage with the platform.

These earned digital assets can then be utilized to bid on a variety of prizes, including phones, laptops, and even bikes, through the Bebetta Reward Bonanza.

Crucially, Bebetta eliminates the risk associated with real-money betting, offering a unique and engaging experience without financial stakes.

The platform offers real-time updates of sports and events to its users and encourages a community-driven approach where customers get to share their thoughts with other like-minded people.

What’s interesting is that BeBetta also provides various prediction modes to its users.

For example, one can take part in a pool prediction by pooling their wagers and competing against other people to win. Then there is the head-to-head prediction option where a user gets to set custom odds and stakes under a direct contest.

In an interview with Startuppedia, Meet Shah said that the vision for BeBetta is to revolutionize the way Indians experience sports.

The Growth Story

To kickstart this revolutionary venture, Bebetta raised an initial fund of Rupees 5 crores in a successful seed funding round, highlighting the investor community’s confidence in the platform’s potential.

Starting with just 10 people, today BeBetta is a team of 25+ people, spanning various verticals such as tech, content, and strategy.

The startup’s user adoption has been more than just rapid. Initially, the platform got 100 customers a day. Today, it gets 35,000 to 40,000 new customers every single day. The app and platform have an average daily engagement of 90,000 users.

Looking ahead

Looking ahead, Bebetta envisions sustained growth, prioritizing user engagement as a key metric of success.

It wants to enrich the sports viewing experience in a way that dismantles the notion that predictions and knowledge must be accompanied by a financial stake.

The startup also aims to establish long-term collaborations and partnerships with popular consumer brands.

Website – https://bebetta.in/


1.What is BeBetta ?

BeBetta is a sports betting mobile app launched in October 2023, based in Ahmedabad. It lets users predict sports outcomes, play games, and win rewards without using real money.

2.How is BeBetta Different from other online platforms?

BeBetta stands out from other betting apps by:

  • No Real Money Involvement: BeBetta eliminates the risk associated with real money betting, offering a unique and engaging experience without financial stakes.
  • Incentivized Engagement: Users earn digital coins by engaging with the platform, which can be used to bid on various prizes. This incentivizes sports engagement without requiring real-money bets.
  • Community-Driven Approach: Encourages a community-driven approach where users can share thoughts and insights with like-minded individuals, fostering a vibrant community.
  • Diverse Prediction Modes: Offers various prediction modes such as pool prediction and head-to-head contests, providing multiple ways for users to engage and win without the need for real money.

3. Who is the founder of BeBetta?

Meet Shah is the founder of BeBetta who works as the CEO of the company and Kejal Shah is the Co-Founder of BeBetta who works as the Director of the company.

4. How to download BeBetta app?

BeBetta app is available on Playstore for android users and App Store for apple users. Users can Install the app from there and register with their mobile number or social media accounts to get started.