This Woman Entrepreneur is running Indianised Global Culture Brand Online & Via WhatsApp And Processing 50k Orders Every Month

She turned her passion into the reason of livelihood for many weavers and emphasized the better of the environment.

If it’s a talk about the morality of the second largest industry, the fashion town then it won’t be wrong to say that they are among the biggest contributors to the world’s jeopardized situation. They are indeed the last ones to realize or to be precise last ones to care and the numbers speak for themselves. In such a situation a single hope to turn the leaf works like magic.

Such is the craft movement that has bubbled up in recent years – the thirst to get connected has surged the authentic sustainable practices. Anuradha Upadhyay believes the same and has taken responsibility through her brand, Anukriti, the Anu’s creation. It is a place to shop for maximum modern-day buyers who look out for fresh artistic impressions and conceptual designs. From selling a few of the handcrafted paintings to the most refined decor weaves, and high-end designer sarees, it is a one-stop destination for a unique art collection.

Started in 2013 to carve the cultural art of weavers in the hearts of billions, Anuradha, a full-time housewife, took her passion to another stage. It all started with her visit to Bhubaneswar, and her family got transferred again because of her husband’s job. From there she went to explore the rich culture of the city. Even though she never painted, she felt that great connection that she decided to take a class and learn Pattachitra, the intricate art of Odisha. She wanted to get an essence of herself and started creating a fusion of different styles like Madhubani and Dhokra, Warli and Dhokra, Madhubani and Warli.

After displaying her paintings on canvas she went on to showcase her art using tussar silk and crab shells. This gave rise to Anukriti which has a wide variety of handcrafted sarees, khadi dupattas, tribal jewelry made of brass and beads, and home decor items like Dhokra artifacts.

She feels the pride of owning a rich woven treasure from the nooks and craft clusters of different states. In the earlier days of Anukriti, the paintings were mostly exhibited via a few of the exhibition houses including Lalita Academy of arts and culture. 

Then after shifting back to Pune, it took a turn and introduced handcrafted, handwoven, hand-painted sarees with very traditional patterns that suit the modern lifestyle. Besides these, they offer brass-made jewelry and home décor items keeping in view the sustainable notion. 

All these efforts are made with the support of artisans and weavers from all states of India. Even in the situation of Covid19, the family grew, including many women weavers who joined to earn living in hard times.  With the demand, comes innovation and so is creativity, few hands are also available to provide a fitted blouse with the saree to help you experience the warmth of Indian culture to the fullest.

Anukriti is available on different e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon and one can even get the products through their social media handles like Instagram or Facebook. Seeing the current trend the availability of WhatsApp has also become an opportunity to spring for this brand.

When we asked how you feel about the love and face your passion has received, Founder added, “I never imagined to get coverage from media sources such as you or any other and when my art got recognized even in the exhibitions it was so pleasant and encouraging. Even on Anukriti’s social media handles, I receive immense support from customers. It is an overwhelming experience”

As it turns out, the success of the business shows fashion-conscious audiences are flocking to the soulful qualities of craft with as much enthusiasm as the makers. Over the years there has been 5 times growth in the business with over 50,000 orders knocking on the door of Anukriti on a monthly basis. The brand plans to launch many unique concept-based saree collections in the coming months for its patrons across the globe.

The tactile feeling of a lush handcraft provides a bit of comfort in an increasingly unpredictable world, where even socialization takes place on screen. If you are interested to become a part of the experience, do follow the link below.

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