This Telangana brother-sister duo started a fuel delivery startup & within one month have completed 150+ deliveries & target a projected revenue of ₹25 Crores

Today we will discover how Fuel Genie, a Telangana-based startup founded by Jai Solanki and Aishwarya Solanki, is transforming the fuel delivery industry through innovative solutions.

The fuel delivery industry has witnessed significant growth over the years. As businesses recognize the value of time and the impact of delayed fuel supply, the demand for efficient and reliable fuel delivery services has surged. 

Fuel Genie, a fuel delivery startup, was established by siblings Jai Solanki and Aishwarya Solanki. 

Leveraging their family’s extensive experience in the fuel business, they combined their technical expertise and industry knowledge to create an innovative solution for hassle-free fuel delivery.

Jai Solanki, the Founder and CEO of Fuel Genie, hails from a family deeply rooted in the oil industry. His understanding of the industry, coupled with his passion for saving customers time and hassle, drove him to develop FuelGenie. 

With a focus on leveraging cutting-edge technology, Jai designed an IT platform that simplifies the ordering and tracking process, benefiting both customers and Fuel Genie.

Aishwarya Solanki, the Director of Fuel Genie, holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from University College London (UCL). Her expertise in people management and operations has been instrumental in transforming the company into a technology-adaptive industry. 

Aishwarya has introduced training programs and boot camps to equip the company’s workforce with the necessary technological skills.

Fuel Genie offers a range of services to meet the diverse needs of its customers:

Diesel Fuel Delivery: With round-the-clock operations and advanced technology, Fuel Genie ensures businesses receive their required diesel fuel on time and in the right quantity.

Lubricants Delivery: Timely delivery of lubricants is crucial for maintaining smooth machinery operations, and Fuel Genie excels in providing reliable and efficient lubricant delivery services.

Fuel Genie Bowser: Equipped with geo-fencing technology and real-time trackers, Fuel Genie’s delivery trucks ensure accurate delivery times and minimize the risk of delays. The company prioritizes quality and quantity, monitoring fuel throughout the delivery process.

Fuel Genie embarked on its journey with a clear vision of simplifying fuel delivery and offering a seamless customer experience. 

The founders, Jai and Aishwarya Solanki, identified the need for reliable and efficient fuel delivery services and set out to address this market gap.

In the early stages, Fuel Genie faced challenges in acquiring customers and building brand recognition. 

In a conversation with Startup Pedia, Aishwarya Solanki stated,Never run out of energy in the race against time because at Fuel Genie, we embody this ethos, constantly striving to provide unparalleled fuel delivery services, powered by technology and fueled by customer satisfaction.”

Fuel Genie boasts a skilled and dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about delivering exceptional services. The team includes experts in fuel logistics, operations, customer support, and technology. 

Fuel Genie’s workforce is committed to upholding the company’s values of quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Fuel Genie operates on a customer-centric business model, with a primary focus on delivering fuel and lubricants efficiently and reliably. By utilizing advanced technology and streamlining the delivery process, Fuel Genie ensures a seamless experience for its customers.

Fuel Genie began its journey with an initial investment that was entirely bootstrapped. Despite this, the startup has witnessed remarkable growth and success. With a projected turnover of ₹25 Crores for the Financial Year 2023-2024, Fuel Genie has proven its potential in the fuel delivery market. 

Within a month of operations, Fuel Genie served more than 30 customers and has successfully completed over 150 deliveries, solidifying its reputation for reliability and efficiency. 

Looking ahead, Fuel Genie aims to further expand its reach and expects to generate a projected revenue of ₹100 Crores over the next three financial years. These impressive numbers reflect the company’s strong performance and its ability to meet the growing demand for seamless fuel delivery services.

Fuel Genie’s emphasis on innovation, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence has positioned the company as a market leader in the fuel delivery industry.

Fuel Genie’s mission is to provide a seamless and hassle-free fuel delivery experience while prioritizing customer satisfaction. The company envisions becoming the go-to brand for businesses seeking reliable, efficient, and technology-driven fuel delivery solutions.