This software engineer quit her job to build a clothing brand with her mother, serves globally, and hits Rs 2 crore yearly revenue!

Allahabad-based Glitter Choli is a homegrown brand that resonates with the natural fashion instincts of people through its designs, delivery, and customisation. 

Conceptualised and founded by Adeeba Khan and her mother Yasmin Khan, Glitter Choli is a personalisation-first clothing brand that aims to appeal to the audience with its vision of delivering upon their custom needs. 

Adeeba Khan is a software engineer by nature but ventured into the clothing space after having taken inspiration from her mother who harbours immense experience in sewing and making clothes and thus was the main motivation behind the operations of Glitter Choli. 

In a conversation with Startup Pedia, Adeeba Khan talks about the early days of Glitter Choli and says, “I was working as a software developer but that was taking up too much of my energy and thus I left it and took a night shift for a recruiter’s role to better maximise my energy and build Glitter Choli at a fast pace. It was my mother’s support and vision that brought us where we are right now. Side by side I tried to take some fashion courses but very soon realised that they had nothing major to contribute and weren’t teaching anything that I hadn’t learned by trial and error. Eventually in the middle of the pandemic, I decided to dedicate my all to this venture and thus left my job and there has been no looking back ever since. My aim is to sustain Glitter Cholia and build it 10x in the coming years!”

Funded in 2017, Glitter Choli is a sole proprietorship venture and is one of the most affordable brands with a laser focus on designs, new trends, and fittings. They design customised outfits keeping in mind the budgets of the clients. Glitter Choli prioritises customer satisfaction above all with the guideline of providing the best of South Asian fashion to every doorstep. 

While on one hand, Adeeba takes care of sourcing the fabrics, deciding on the final designs, and marketing, her mother implements the stitching and sewing process crafting every piece to perfection.

Glitter Choli is bootstrapped and a profitable venture and witnesses regular year-on-year growth in its revenue and operations. 

Glitter Choli recorded a yearly revenue of Rs 2 crore by promoting their business in the most organic way on Instagram through relatable reels that have on many occasions reached more than 7 million people. 

Glitter Choli has also experimented with Influencer Marketing and has found a loyal consumer base through it as well.

Armed with a dedicated team of 30 people across production, marketing, sales, and manufacturing, Glitter Choli has its in-house warehouse located in Allahabad. Through its process, Glitter Choli aims to provide employment opportunities to help scale the life of local artisans as well. 

Over the years, Glitter Choli has built a global audience for itself by constantly churning out picture-perfect outfits that immediately become a hit amongst consumers. Team Glitter Choli does so by constantly engaging in research about current market trends and beliefs. 

Glitter Choli also provides virtual consultation to make the process of fitting and customisation easier and more efficient. 

Additionally, Glitter Choli ships around the world and has a major chunk of international clients along with many from the Indian states as well. It has served more than 5000 consumers since its inception. 

Everything from design and production to sales is handled entirely in-house at the Glitter Choli warehouse located in Allahabad and they focus primarily on creating practical outfits while keeping all the chic drama alive! 

As of today, Glitter Choli has over 119k ardent followers on Instagram and continues to grow at an organic pace backed by excellent consumer reviews. To view the designs and ideas of Glitter Choli, one can follow them on Instagram.

One can visit their website to know more about their designs and process.