This sister duo launched a community to promote buying and selling of pre-loved toys, aiming to reduce wastage and save parents’ money – caters pan-India.

In September 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, two sisters, Ankita Inani and Ritu Kabra, embarked on a mission to address the challenges faced by parents. Recognizing the high cost of toys, their limited lifespan, and the resulting toy wastage, they founded As They Grow

This innovative Instagram community platform connects parents and enables the buying and selling of pre-loved baby products in good condition.

The Founders

Ankita Inani, a Chartered Accountant with seven years of experience working with a Big 4 firm and a mother of twins, realized the rapid outgrowth of toys and the ensuing wastage. 

Motivated to find a solution, Ankita joined forces with her sister, Ritu Kabra, who pursued Masters in Business Management (UK).

Together, they set out to create As They Grow India, a platform that connects parents and facilitates the buying and selling of pre-loved baby products.

Fostering a Community of Sustainable Parenting

As They Grow is an Instagram platform community that empowers parents to participate in sustainable parenting practices.

By creating a space where parents can buy and sell pre-loved baby products, As They Grow promotes the reuse and repurposing of items that are still in good condition. There are stringent quality checks, of course.

This initiative helps to reduce toy wastage and provides affordable options for parents. The platform’s community-driven approach encourages parents to connect with each other, fostering a supportive network where they can exchange valuable advice and experiences.

Rehoming Thousands of Toy Products

Since its inception, As They Grow has successfully rehomed over 5,000+ baby products. 

This achievement is a testament to the platform’s effectiveness in facilitating transactions between parents who are looking to buy or sell pre-loved baby items. 

As They Grow’s commitment to providing a seamless experience extends to managing the logistics involved in these transactions, ensuring that both buyers and sellers can navigate the process effortlessly. 

With a community comprising over 1 lakh moms, As They Grow has become a go-to platform for sustainable parenting solutions.


In terms of challenges, the most dominating one for the startup community was to bring about a mindset shift in parents who believe in buying only new toys for their children. Many parents were apprehensive to the idea of buying and selling toys previously owned by other children and weren’t comfortable with the concept.

But eventually, As They Grow was promoted and supported by numerous celebrities and influencers, and the same brought about a positive change in how parents approached pre-loved toys.

Growing Reach and Future Plans

The community’s influence extends across India, catering to parents from various cities and regions. The platform’s popularity stems from its accessibility and the positive impact it has made on the lives of parents. 

To further enhance their services in the future, Ankita and Ritu are actively working on the development of a dedicated website and application. This digital expansion will provide a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience, empowering parents with an even wider range of pre-loved baby products.


Moreover, As They Grow aims to promote Made In India products on its platform, supporting small-scale businesses and women entrepreneurs. This will provide parents with an array of sustainable and locally sourced choices in the realm of toys.

By establishing an Instagram platform community for buying and selling pre-loved baby products, As They Grow has successfully reduced toy wastage and fostered a sense of community among parents. 

With future plans to expand its digital presence and promote Indian-made products, As They Grow is poised to make an even greater impact on the parenting landscape. 

As parents continue to embrace this platform, they contribute not only to their own financial well-being but also to a more sustainable and supportive environment for future generations.

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