This Mumbai-based startup is changing the way you consume sugarcane juice, by making the process hygienic and adding healthy superfoods. Serves 40k+ consumers a month

So far, the typical essence of sugarcane juice has only been available to the public through roadside carts and vendors. This immediately implies fewer conditions of hygiene. 

Although, one would agree that the taste of that vendor-churned sugarcane juice is unforgettable. Additionally, it is a bit difficult to share that juice with our loved ones at home because of its immediate perishability.

This turned out to be a eureka moment for Jasmeet Khanna and Hargun Sabharwal in 2018. Both of them pondered why this delicious goodness of sugarcane has never been packed in a hygienic way to last longer by cutting down on impurities and making the juice fresh, consumable, and nutritious. 

Thus, a lot of research also went into the machinery that would facilitate the extraction process of making hygienic and fresh sugarcane juice. 

Eventually, after much contemplation and research, Cane Juicery was born in 2018 to serve this niche. 

Cane Juicery is a new-age juice brand that aims to revolutionise the way sugarcane juice is crafted and served to consumers. 

Cane Juicery delivers the goodness of natural sugarcane juice in different flavours with sugarcane being the core ingredient – thus replacing the involvement of refined sugar, creating delicious, nutritious, and refreshing juices. 

Jasmeet and Hargun run Cane Juicery on a bootstrapped version by building it bit by bit and leveraging the power of their own network built over the years. 

Jasmeet and Hargun bring with them years of experience and expertise to this venture. Jasmeet Khanna who is the Founder and Head of the Strategy & Business Alliance of Cane Juicery holds over 17 years of experience in the FMCG industry having held senior leadership roles in various giants. On the other hand, Hargun Sabharwal who is the Co-founder and COO brings his expertise in operations, sales and distribution.

Cane Juicery operates in the premium, specialised food and beverages category. 

In a conversation with Startup Pedia, Hargun Sabharwal, Co-founder & COO said,Fresh fusion of sugarcane was our foremost priority while ideating Cane Juicery. We believe in the inherent all roundness of sugarcane. As a beverage, sugarcane juice ticks all the boxes – it is a thirst quencher, has nutrients, and is an irresistibly delicious drink. Thus, we aim to take this goodness in its fresh essence to different parts of the country – we are enthusiastic that way!”

Cane Juicery uses the finest breeds of sugarcane to ensure consistency in its products. The firm utilises premium canes in the making of its sugarcane juice. Additionally, their sugarcane and other juices are made of natural ingredients without the usage of any preservatives.

Cane Juicery is different from its contemporaries but here are the top 4 reasons that make it stand  –

  1. India’s first brand to formulate the goodness of superfoods and various other natural ingredients to further amplify the customised benefits of sugarcane juice. 
  2. Is the only chain to strengthen the practice of premium packaging for ease to consumers.
  3. Touted to be the only brand that targets SEC A, thus seeking functionality in beverages while catering to a large segment of society with its classic juice variants.
  4. Has an Omni channel approach that holds a presence in online and offline mediums of delivering fresh sugarcane juice. 

Cane Juicery delivers fresh sugarcane juice on online portals Swiggy and Zomato and has also partnered with almost all top modern trade chains in India, including but not limited to – Natures Basket, Le Marche, Modern bazaar across Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Bangalore.

Simultaneously, Cane Juicery is actively looking for franchisee partners across India. 

Cane Juicery serves more than 40,000 consumers every month through its channels and clocks a yearly revenue of Rs 3 crore. The venture is growing exponentially and scaling at a fast pace as it continues to fulfil cravings for fresh sugarcane juice.

One can visit their website to know more about their process and additionally shop for sugarcane juice and over 15 variants of other juices.