This Indian apparel brand sold its first shirt for Rs 98/- in 1988 – now enters the Metaverse to give customers an immersive shopping experience.

In an exhilarating leap forward, the popular Indian workwear apparel brand Dennison has joined forces with Trace Network Labs and inaugurated a dazzling new chapter: the launch of a brand store within the enchanting PARIZ Metaverse.

A Legacy of Innovation

Dennison’s inception stems from a singular vision – crafting ready-to-wear fashion that’s both accessible and elegant. 

Back in 1988, Mr. Rajendra Seth, an enterprising visionary, boldly introduced his inaugural ready-to-wear shirt in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, priced at just Rs. 98. 

This audacious move struck a chord with the masses, giving birth to Dennison. 

As a pioneer in affordable ready-to-wear fashion, Dennison quickly garnered a following and attracted pre-orders from five central Indian states.

Fast forward to 2014, Ashwin Seth, Rajendra Seth’s successor, ushered in an era of innovation. 

While rooted in Gwalior, Dennison ventured beyond its origins to introduce affordable formal and semi-formal clothing for men. Embracing the digital era, the brand seamlessly integrated an e-commerce platform to engage with its desired audience.

Dennison astutely positioned itself as a brand tailored for the contemporary age, appealing to not just millennials but a broader demographic. 

As a cost-effective choice, it addresses the needs of the emerging fashion-conscious Indian professional, all while passionately striving to earn the title of ‘India’s foremost sustainable brand.’

Dennison x Trace Labs

The collaboration with Trace Network Labs marks a significant turning point. Dennison’s digital collections now find their home within the PARIZ Metastore, offering an innovative and immersive shopping experience that extends beyond the familiar boundaries of Web2 into the uncharted territories of Web3.

PARIZ, developed by Trace Network Labs, is at the forefront of a new era in online commerce. 

It empowers users to make purchases within the metaverse, seamlessly bridging the gap between virtual and real-world shopping experiences.

To elevate its customers’ experience in the PARIZ Metaverse, Dennison is gearing up to host thrilling and unique Gaming Nights within PARIZ, complete with enticing hidden rewards for participants. 

The top 10 winners during these gaming events will receive coupons, granting them the opportunity to acquire Dennison products absolutely free of charge. All rewards will be redeemable via the Dennison ecommerce site.

Borderless Fashion and Eco-Friendly Elegance

Dennison’s venture into the PARIZ Metaverse transcends geographical boundaries. It introduces “Borderless Fashion,” making Dennison’s virtual styles accessible to a global Web3 audience.

In alignment with Dennison’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, the brand presents eco-friendly digital fashion pieces as a green alternative to traditional apparel.

Looking ahead

In the near future, Dennison will be looking at leveraging blockchain technology and conferring ownership rights upon digital fashion items, empowering users to buy, sell, or trade within the metaverse.

For collectors in the Web3 community, Dennison will offer exclusive limited-edition virtual fashion NFTs, adding a touch of exclusivity to the digital fashion landscape.

Innovative AR-based try-on experiences like Virtual Dressing Rooms will enable users to visualize and experiment with Dennison’s apparel virtually. Additionally, people will be able to wear apparel in the Metaverse and attend events, parties, etc.

Dennison’s brand store in PARIZ outlines a journey through the metaverse where fashion, technology, and sustainability converge in a symphony of innovation, redefining the future of fashion commerce.

Link to join Dennison’s brand store in PARIZ –



1. Who is the founder of Dennison’s?

Dennison’s was founded by Mr. Rajendra Seth, an enterprising visionary, who boldly introduced the inaugural ready-to-wear shirt in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, back in 1988, priced at just Rs. 98.

2. What products are offered by Dennison?

Dennison offers a range of affordable ready-to-wear fashion items tailored for the contemporary age. Initially known for shirts, it has expanded to provide affordable formal and semi-formal clothing for men. Additionally, Dennison is venturing into eco-friendly digital fashion pieces, exploring the integration of blockchain technology for digital fashion items, and offering exclusive limited-edition virtual fashion NFTs.

 3. Is there a metaverse version of Dennison’s?

Yes, Dennison’s is now available in the metaverse through its brand store within the PARIZ Metaverse. This collaboration with Trace Network Labs has allowed Dennison’s digital collections to be accessible in PARIZ, offering an immersive shopping experience that bridges the gap between virtual and real-world shopping.