This homemaker sells veggies’ native seeds to urban households – hits Rs 50 lakhs turnover annually

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for organic and healthy food products in India. However, finding good quality and safe vegetables in urban areas can be a challenging task. This is where Seedbasket Agro Services comes in.

Seedbasket Agro Services is an e-commerce marketplace that offers a range of native seeds of vegetables, fruits, flowers, grow bags, and cow dung cakes. It was founded in 2016 by Chandana Gade, an MCA graduate, and her husband Naveen Gade.

The Journey

Chandana Gade, who grew up in a farmer’s family in the Khammam district of Telangana, was keen to feed her newborn daughter healthy and organic green leafy vegetables and rice. However, living in the city made her sceptical of the vegetables available in the market. She searched for native varieties of seeds to cultivate at home but found a lack of a proper dedicated market for desi (indigenous) seeds.

Seeing a business opportunity, Chandana and her husband, Naveen Gade, co-founded Seedbasket Agro Services. They started with an investment of Rs 1 lakh and a single room in their apartment.

What does Seedbasket Agro offer?

The platform boasts an impressive collection of at least 150 native seed varieties of exotic fruits and vegetables, such as fenugreek, broccoli, beetroot, white bitter gourd, ash gourd, sorrel leaves, red amaranth, dolichos bush, yellow cucumber, alpine strawberry, yellow cherry tomato, and red okra, among others. 

All the good quality native seeds are sourced from reliable suppliers and farmers from across the country, some of them from Chandana’s own farmland.

Seedbasket Agro Services has a large customer base in states such as Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Rajasthan. It receives more than 1,000 monthly orders and caters to over 25,000 customers across the country.

Apart from offering a marketplace for desi seeds, Seedbasket Agro Services also empowers urban gardeners to grow healthy and organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers at home. Their products are not only affordable but also of excellent quality, ensuring that customers get the best value for their money.

Moreover, Seedbasket Agro Services is committed to promoting sustainable agriculture practices and providing customers with a more natural and healthy way of life. The use of grow bags and cow dung cakes promotes organic farming and helps to reduce waste, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

From a small room to a significant turnover

According to The Better India, the startup has grown exponentially, with an annual turnover of Rupees 50 lakhs.

The startup’s success story is a testament to the potential of the e-commerce industry in India. With the rise of digitalization and the increasing use of smartphones, e-commerce platforms have become a popular choice for entrepreneurs to start their businesses.

Seedbasket Agro Services has leveraged the power of the internet to create a dedicated marketplace for native seeds. The startup has not only revolutionized the way we grow and consume our food but has also empowered farmers and suppliers from across the country.

In conclusion, Seedbasket Agro Services is a shining example of how entrepreneurship can help solve some of the most pressing problems facing society today. Chandana Gade and her husband, Naveen Gade, have not only created a successful business but have also contributed to promoting sustainable agriculture practices and providing customers with a more natural and healthy way of life. 

With its impressive growth rate and commitment to quality, Seedbasket Agro Services is set to become a leader in the e-commerce market for native seeds in India.