This Female Entrepreneur from Indore is Disrupting the Nutraceuticals market with her Organic and Plant Based Health Supplements’ Products, her Brand clocked a revenue of 110cr

Founded in the year 2018, Himalayan Organics is a leading nutraceutical brand that offers best-in-class health supplements at affordable prices, happily serving over 1.15 million people globally so far.

Hailing from the small town of MP, the co-founder, Suditi Sharma, did her post-graduation in Consumer Psychology from Bhopal. A day, her college friend, Vaibhav Raghuwanshi, now the founder of Himalayan Organics, discussed his father’s Vitamin K2 deficiency and the severe complications caused by it in the year 2015. Their search for vegetarian supplements became difficult because most of the dietary supplements were animal-based or available as Gelatin (non-veg source) based capsules. On the contrary, they found suitable choices in the abroad market.

During their final year, they started exploring the existing health lines. On the hunt, they came across the shocking facts of nutritional deficiency (due to various reasons) linked to a lack of optimal nutrition, further leading to severe health complications. Moreover, these nutritional gaps are no longer problematic for elders but even for the younger generation, especially after 30 years of age. Even if we go for a full-body checkup, there are high chances of having some nutritional deficiencies; Vitamin D3 & B12 being the most common of all.

But those who have a mission always find a way out.

All the dissatisfaction during the research pushed them harder to do something that is exceptionally meaningful yet affordable: Eradicating Nutritional Deficiencies problems among the common mass became their Mission. Upon a series of discussions, an idea struck in their mind, and this turned into a eureka moment for them. Himalayan Organics was born!

Ahead of time, they brought nutrition to the HIMALAYAN WAY!

When asked what’s so special about Himalayan Organics?

Suditi added that all the research and facts prove that the Himalayas have the rarest & beneficial plants that have grown & adapted to harsh climatic conditions, unwithered even by the deadliest storms. So we endeavoured on the path of nature, i.e. supplements based on Himalayan herbs.

“In 2018, when we launched plant-based nutrition devoid of any preservative or artificial substances, we instantly hit the peak by serving more than a Lakh customers at the beginning itself.” By now, nutrition was not just limited to tablets or capsules, but to powders, effervescent, gummies, and other means which are delicious, easy to consume & AFFORDABLE, solving the prime concerns of the people.

Since its Launch, the Himalayan Organics have served more than 1.15 million consumers, offering affordable Plant Based and Organic Nutrition options ranging in 120+ SKUs. With a Good returning customer rate, the Brand has now clocked a revenue of 110cr.

Suditi adds: “We wanted to encourage people to make healthier choices every day. So, we got superfoods, herbs, raw fruits, vegetables & seeds that supply the optimal nutrition required by our bodies. That too cruelty-free and 100% vegan, leaving no one behind in the fitness trail. Through this, we are working towards increasing the average lifespan of Indians from 69 to 84 years.”

“We surely have a long way to go. There is more that we are working on, challenges we are overcoming & innovation we are longing to bring. The path isn’t easy but is not impossible.”

For sure, a strong will and determination definitely enables you to walk on the path of your mission and ensures your victory.

Suditi & Vaibhav are truly justifying their inspiration, THE HIMALAYAS.