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This Faridabad-based startup saw a 5x increase in revenue after their Shark Tank India episode aired, secured Rs 1 Cr funding, and has a turnover of Rs 6 Cr

By Neha Yadav
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This Faridabad-based startup saw a 5x increase in revenue after their Shark Tank India episode aired, secured Rs 1 Cr funding, and has a turnover of Rs 6 Cr

Winston is a personal care and grooming brand that was founded in the year 2021 with a vision to revolutionize the grooming industry and offer smart beauty companions that match the present lifestyle. The company is based out of Faridabad and was founded by Himanshu Adlakha, Nikita Adlakha, and Ved Adlakha. 

The inspiration for this novel concept was the COVID-19 pandemic, during which people had to sacrifice their personal care routines. The brand set forth a personal care journey crafted especially for women to have a comfortable personal-care routine at home.

The company's mission is to alter the way women see personal care and provide smart beauty companions matching the present lifestyle. With an ethos to provide exceptionally high-quality products, Winston's vision is to make women aware of having effortless caring time at home. Winston's unique selling point is its SSS approach, which stands for Smart, Sturdy, and Super Easy. 

The company's products are battery-operated, rechargeable, and travel-friendly and come with a one-year doorstep replacement warranty. With Winston's beauty appliances, there comes a promise of comfort and convenience.


Winston's business model is a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) model that involves selling products or services directly to consumers without intermediaries. This approach allows the company to have greater control over the customer experience and gain more insights into their customers' behavior and preferences. Winston's goal is to create an organized market in the industry by genuinely knowing what the customer actually wants, paying attention to their input, and providing them with a product in line with their needs.

The company has evolved significantly since its inception. Initially, Winston's product line only included face trimmers. However, the company has since grown to offer a complete hair removal range, including face and eyebrow trimmers, body bikini trimmers, and body epilators. In addition, Winston has expanded its categories to include hair care, skincare, and hair styling products. 

The brand has also added cutting-edge skincare and haircare items to its line, such as the LED Light Mask and LED Light Comb, which are based on LED light therapy. These state-of-the-art treatments are for problems like hair loss, dizziness, acne, and pre-ageing indications.

Winston's key products and services include the Winston product range, which includes hair removal, hair styling, hair care, feet care, face care, and combos. The range includes products like the eyebrow trimmer, hair blow brush, LED hair growth comb, callus remover, blackhead remover, hair curling tong, and more.

The brand has a unique selling point of its SSS approach (Smart, Sturdy, Super Easy)  and offers high-quality products that promise comfort and convenience. 

Winston's goal is to create an organized market in the industry by genuinely knowing what the customer wants and providing them with products that cater to their needs. With a growing product line and cutting-edge skincare and haircare items, Winston is poised to be a leader in the personal care and grooming industry.

The company has evolved since its inception and now offers a complete hair removal range, as well as hair care, skincare, and hair styling products. They started with direct order placement through Instagram using influencer marketing and now use omnichannel marketing techniques and are present on several e-commerce sites.


In conversation with Startup Pedia, the Founder of Winston, Himanshu Adlakha, talked about their continuous growth and said, “We are expected to continue to grow in the coming years, driven by factors such as increasing purchasing power, a young and growing population, and rising urbanization. Consumers are also seeking more technology-driven solutions for their day-to-day needs and want, and the company is working to bring new unique variants to the Indian market.”

Winston, a purveyor of personalized grooming solutions, which seamlessly melds technological innovations with the comforts of home-based salon treatments, has also recently secured a princely sum of INR 1 Crore in funding at the esteemed Shark Tank, Season 2. The startup, firmly anchored on a solid foundation of premium quality, has received an overwhelming vote of confidence from Sharks Anupam Mittal and Vineeta Singh, who has acquired a 10% stake in the company, valuing it at a remarkable INR 10 crores.

The company is targeting 30 Crores for the coming financial year and plans to achieve INR 200 crores within 3 to 4 years. They are also seeking cross-branding opportunities. The company currently has 50 to 100 employees, a turnover of INR 6 Crores, and over 35000+ satisfied consumers. Their geographical presence is PAN India, and they project continued growth.