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This entrepreneur's device detects and prevents heart attacks! got all sharks deal last year for Rs 1 Cr in an exchange of 6% equity

By Neha Yadav
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This entrepreneur's device detects and prevents heart attacks! got all sharks deal last year for Rs 1 Cr in an exchange of 6% equity

Dehradun-based Sunfox Technologies envisions disrupting the health-tech space by ideating and building portable, affordable, and readily accessible devices to help every segment of society grow and flourish. 

Sunfox Technologies carries immense experience and knowledge of medical technology and the Internet of Things to deliver useful products to the community accurately. 

Spandan, backed by Shark Tank India, is a 12 Lead ECG machine and thus is Sunfox Technologies’ USP. It is known to be 99.7% accurate and is a one of its kind portable ECG device that assists with monitoring heart rate. Additionally, Spandan offers unlimited ECG tests with the help of one’s smartphone in the comfort of one’s home. 


Spandan has a humble vision behind it. The idea behind making it a portable ECG device was to give access to people in remote parts to easily detect early symptoms of heart health and seek proper diagnosis. ECG or electrocardiogram is a traditional way of gathering electrical signals generated by the heart to study heart rate and diagnose accordingly, but ECG machines are expensive and are operated by professionals, thus, making the process of studying heart health a lengthy one. 

Spandan is the total opposite of the conventional method of measuring ECG, and making it accessible to all to detect early signs of heart issues was the major motivator. 

In an interview with Startup Pedia, Managing Partner Rajat Jain says, I have seen people living with cardiac issues for a long period of time simply because when they have a heart attack, they confuse it with gastric pain, and thus there was a dire need to create awareness of early signs by giving the means in the hands of the people and in all corners.”

Spandan was a manifestation of Managing Partner Rajat Jain faced the loss of a dear one due to cardiac abnormalities. He then ideated Spandan in 2016 with Nitin Chandola, Sabit Rawat, and Saurabh Badola. 

In 2016, work officially started on Spandan. It took almost 4 years for Rajat and his team to finalise the product after having gone through development, clinical trials and seeking various regulatory approvals. Only then Sunfox Technologies was able to make a perfect ECG machine, but one which was portable and cost-effective. 

Spandan ECG is nothing like the Apple smartwatches we have come across—it is a hundred times more advanced. Even though Apple smartwatches are a luxury to have, for ECG, Spandan is the only reliable option. There are several ingenious features to explore and use.

An Apple smartwatch just offers a single lead ECG test, whereas Spandan ECG offers a wide range of tests like 12 lead, lead 7, lead 2, HRV, and so on. It reads the heart's electrical patterns and gives an immediate indication of the slightest heart abnormality.

Sunfox Technologies made sure that Spandan was affordable and accessible, and thus, it could function without a steady internet or mobile connection to deliver accurate results. This means that the Spandan app can perform ECG services in high-altitude areas with a bleak network. 

On that note, Sunfox Technologies noted that the Kedarnath yatra this year was seeing immense footfall and double deaths, mainly due to low oxygen levels and physical stress. At this point, the firm stepped up to set up a free ECG camp with the support of the government authorities to measure the heart health of the pilgrims. In doing so, it successfully brought down the death rate to zero using its portable, accessible ECG device, Spandan. 

Spandan takes less than 10 seconds to deliver results with an accuracy rate of 99.7%. This data is based on the trials conducted on over 3,000 people during 2017-2021. Spandan’s powerful algorithm records every single beat and provides accurate reports. Managing and tracking one’s heart health has become a piece of cake with this exceptional ECG technology. 

In a conversation with Startup Pedia, Rajat Jain echoes the data and says, “We are proud to say that the amount of data and the quantity of data that you will get from a standard ECG machine inside the ICU will be the same as the data obtained from Spandan.”

Spandan is easy and convenient to use and can be carried around as well. Spandan can detect almost 21 arrhythmia patterns, 12 heart dysfunctions, and 12 kinds of STEMI and ischemia. Its qualities and portability make it a revolution in heart health. 

Spandan ECG is available on Amazon for under INR 7,999, which makes it the most affordable ECG in the portable segment. It does not require a doctor’s prescription or the involvement of any trained professional.

Due to its revolutionary properties, apart from immense support and funding, Spandan has recorded a 7-digit revenue and has been catering its services to more than 10,000 clinics across India and 11 other countries. Additionally, Sunfox Technologies has delivered Spandan to more than 2000 clinics in India. One can visit their website to learn more about Spandan and Sunfox Technologies.