This entrepreneur duo started a kullad tea stall cafe in Jabalpur, 2019 – now has 80 outlets in 25+ Indian cities.

Founded in 2019, Chai Shai Bar is a burgeoning tea and beverage brand startup that originated in Jabalpur. The company has been gaining popularity among tea lovers due to its freshly made and hand-brewed kullad tea. The unique blend of tea leaves and spices infused in a kullad, a traditional earthenware cup, gives the tea a distinct aroma and taste that is unmatched by other beverages.

Tea and Indians

Tea is a beloved beverage in India, with tea stalls being a common sight in schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, workplaces, and hotels. However, the tea business in India is mostly unorganized, with issues surrounding hygiene, quality, and purity. Despite this, new startups are emerging in the tea industry, which is expected to bring more organization and improvement in these aspects. 

One such startup is Chai Shai Bar, a tea and beverage brand that serves freshly brewed kullad tea.

Founded in 2019 by Prince Lamba and Praveen Dwivedi, Chai Shai Bar started as a small stall in Manas Bhavan, Jabalpur. 

As the business grew, the startup expanded to other locations, such as outside the High Court and in cities like Chindwada, Bhopal, and Dehradun. The startup’s unique selling proposition is its kullad tea, which has a fresh aroma and taste of clay and mud.

Chai Shai Bar has about 20 types of hand-brewed fresh tea, as well as a variety of coolers, iced teas, and shakes. 

Business model

The startup has also adopted a franchise model, with multiple profitable franchise outlets across the country. 

The startup has 80 outlets across 25+ cities in India. The Chai Shai Bar franchise is easy to operate, with a chef-less, no-gas cooking, and tech-enabled model. 

The investment cost is also low, and a Return on Investment is expected to come in fifteen to eighteen months.

Chai Shai Bar provides potential and aspiring franchise owners with real estate selection and design set-up services. 

The startup also trains franchise owners in 

  • hiring Human Resources
  • marketing
  • managing the supply chain
  • looking after logistics. 

By offering these services, Chai Shai Bar provides support to franchise owners, enabling them to focus on growing their businesses.

Chai Shai Bar’s expansion in just two years is impressive, given the highly competitive market it operates in. The startup’s success can be attributed to its unique selling proposition, kullad tea, which sets it apart from other tea brands. 

The startup has also made franchising accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs by adopting an easy-to-operate model and providing support services to franchise owners.

Chai Shai Bar’s Franchise Model

Chai Shai Bar’s website highlights that the investment cost of owning a franchise is low. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business but are limited by their budget. The company estimates that it takes only between fifteen to eighteen months to break even and start generating profits.

This quick turnaround can be attributed to Chai Shai Bar’s efficient and cost-effective business model.

The success of Chai Shai Bar is a testament to the potential of new startups in India’s tea industry. With more startups emerging in the space, the tea industry is likely to become more organized, with improvements in hygiene, quality, and purity. Furthermore, by adopting a franchise model, startups like Chai Shai Bar can help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their business goals while also creating employment opportunities.


In conclusion, Chai Shai Bar’s focus on kullad tea, an easy-to-operate franchise model, and support services to franchise owners has been instrumental in its success. With India’s love for tea, the tea industry is likely to see more startups emerge, bringing organization and improvements in hygiene, quality, and purity.