This Delhi-NCR EV startup’s delivery vehicle offers 100km range per charge, weight capacity 3 times more than average – costs Rupees 2 lakh.

Founded by Namit Jain in 2018, Zen Mobility is a Delhi-NCR-based electric vehicle startup that has innovated the Micro Pod and Maxi Pod.

The startup has already got 5,000 orders for these new auto trucks.

Namit Jain is a Stanford University engineer. Growing up, he saw his family dealing in auto parts. When he finished college, he started working at Deutsche Post. 

Here, he saw the StreetScooter. This scooter’s design planted the idea of building the Micro Pod under his own EV startup.

In 2018, Zen Mobility was launched under the parent company – Gurugram-based NTF Group.

The Micro Pod is a cross between a two-wheeler and a three-wheeler. It is lighter than an auto truck but has a lot of space to carry cargo. The weight capacity is three times more than the average two-wheeler.

The Micro Pod offers a range of 100 kilometres per single charge and comes with two additional batteries. The time it takes to fully charge is just two hours, and the battery can be connected to any charging port.

Apart from the Micro Pod, Zen Mobility is also building the Maxi Pod, which is a multi-purpose 4-wheeler light EV. It will have a modifiable frame that offers a variety of layout configurations.

Micro and Maxi Pod have been designed in Germany but built and manufactured in India using locally sourced parts.

Currently, the Micro Pod has been priced between Rupees 2 and 2.5 lakhs. The model will be launched early in 2023.

Namit Jain’s Zen Mobility has already manufactured 20 vehicles which are ready for shipping. 

The EV startup has received an order for 5,000 vehicles. It is also running pilot projects in Delhi and Bengaluru with companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and Bigbasket.

Zen Mobility hasn’t yet raised any external funding but aims to do so in the next six months. It also plans to come up with swappable batteries in the future.

Know more about the EV startup by visiting its website.