This Delhi based startup launches gourmet food-on-wheels concept, helps people buy gourmet food near their houses.

Improving one’s health and leading a life of fitness and consciousness has gained a lot of momentum in the past few years, and the pandemic only gave a push to this movement. It was only fair for companies to either reinvent their product line or for entrepreneurs to innovate accordingly. 

One would also agree that healthy eating vendors exist throughout the country but are widely scattered and out of one’s reach. Delhi-based startup, TheGoodFat. Co, founded by Uditya Sharma and Radhika Kohli, aims to bring all such vendors from across the country on one platform and cater to the healthy, conscious needs of the people. 

TheGoodFat. Co houses various artisanal brands that do not have a lot of presence. TheGoodFat. Co gives them space to put their products. Thus, it has cheese from Uttarakhand, mustard sauce from Kodaikanal, and pickles from the far corner of Lakshadweep. 

TheGoodFat. Co functions in a dual setup –

  1. Through its e-commerce marketplace that primarily ships products to the Delhi/NCR area 
  2. Through its gourmet-store-on-wheels that uses special trucks that are air-conditioned and showcase the various gourmet products on display. 

TheGoodFat. Co is bootstrapped and has a dedicated team of 15 and plans to build its base in Noida, Faridabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and Chandigarh in the coming years. It also aims to add 50,000 users and 300 more vendors to its portfolio.

Additionally, TheGoodFat. Co has generated more than 40 lakhs in revenue ever since its inception in January 2022. TheGoodFat. Co is famous amongst the public as it receives almost 50-60 orders in a day which includes both online and offline orders, with a ticket size of Rs 2,200.