This Delhi based startup is empowering businesses to run faster, smarter and better by offering next-gen cloud based communication solutions

The Genesis

For any business to prosper it is imperative to have an effective and efficient communication channel. However, In India the accessibility of cloud based omni-channel communication is available only to large enterprises. This changed in the year 2019 when four telecom veterans laid the early foundations of CloudConnect.

They envisioned to assist small & medium businesses by enhancing their communication capabilities. They went a step ahead and cloudified communication services for these businesses and provided them a cloud based mobile-first platform with a remarkable feature set that is flexible and user-friendly.

The Turning Point

When the world was going through the pandemic and almost every business was forced to adapt to remote working, the business for CloudConnect flourished. Accessibility is one of the most notable characteristics of cloud-based technologies. This would be a crucial feature that enables people to work from anywhere they choose without restrictions given the current mixed work culture. A business may choose to scale up their services or go down to accommodate seasonal demand and industry variances, which is another standout feature.

What is CloudConnect all about?

CloudConnect is India’s first Business to Business DOT-licensed Virtual Network Operator (VNO). In essence, it gives Small and Medium Businesses access to 21st-century enterprise communication systems such as PBX on Mobile, IP Phone Solutions, Unified Communications and Customized Business Communication Solutions.

It is also an advocate of the ‘Digital India’ initiative as it aims to transform and help businesses scale with affordable digital communication solutions. CloudConnect also largely focuses on ‘Make in India’ and hence all its product offerings are curated for Indian businesses.

The goal of the CloudConnect, which is the first VNO in India, is to enable and give “New Ways to Communicate and Collaborate using Mobile Unified Communication (UC)” for extraordinary business acceleration. It hopes to improve the usability, scalability, and accessibility of cloud-based systems for the nation’s small and medium-sized businesses.

They provide a variety of services, including virtual mobile and fixed-line, full EPABX feature-rich telephony, secured instant messaging, multi-file attachment, video conferencing, audio conferencing, remote collaboration, other services, and contact center solutions, all of which increase productivity and ensure business continuity.

Within the next three months, CloudConnect will also introduce high-fidelity speech (much like HD video), allowing you to receive the cleanest voice. This is the most original formula ever made available in India for a B2B communication solution.

Why is CloudConnect an innovative solution?

CloudConnect enables cross-platform business communications across distinct devices. Its offerings have multiple used cases and further provides customized solutions such as Teleconsultation, Hosted IVR, PBX on Mobile, Unified Communications, HD Audio & Video to specific industries such as BSFI, Health-Tech, Education, Ed-Tech, Logistics, Real-Estate, and Manufacturing.

Moreover, all the solutions offered by CloudConnect can easily be integrated to most of the CRM platforms. Some of their other value-added services include IVR systems, which can facilitate automated voice greetings for incoming calls received by businesses. Their tech-enabled tools also capture the number and voice mails of a caller in case the employee is unable to respond, hence reducing the compulsion of answering every incoming call.

Founding Members, Team & Expansion

CloudConnect has a dedicated and experienced team of 50+ members. It has served 250+ clients. It was founded by Raman Singh, Vidhu Nautiyal, Gokul Tandan, and Rajendra Kulkarni.

In the last fiscal year its revenue grew by 4X and it is on the trajectory grow its top-line by 10X this year.

CloudConnect aims to digitize the whole of SMB market in India. In the next few years it has plans to go global and offer its solutions to businesses in Middle East, UK, and Europe. It is a bootstrapped venture and now is looking forward to raising investments for expansion.