This Delhi-based mom-daughter-in-law duo’s love for Bihari food ended up owning Bihari Cloud Kitchen, which now earns Rs 4 lakh every month

Through their cloud kitchen, The Chhaunk, Hiranyamayi Shivani and her daughter-in-law Manjari Singh from Delhi prepare and market delicacies from Bihar.

During the period of lockdown brought on by the pandemic, many people created their businesses. A similar train of thought was shared by Manjari Singh and her mother-in-law Hiranyamayi Shivani of Delhi.

The duo, who are from Patna, Bihar, have been in Delhi since 2011. They frequently became mates since they both adored Bihari food.

When the pandemic broke out in 2020, both missed going home to Patna. The real Bihari food, which wasn’t readily available in Delhi, was what they missed the most. At that point, they decided to start their own catering company.

In July 2021, they started their food business by producing street cuisine in their personal cloud kitchen. They gave their kitchen the name “The Chhaunk,” which is Hindi for “tempering” or “tadka.”

They quickly gained popularity among Delhi’s foodies.

They prepare a wide range of meals using family recipes, including staples like dal, bhat, tarkari, roti, litti choka, jhalmuri, and achar.

Additionally, they only deliver food in airtight glass containers to reduce plastic consumption and to be environmentally responsible.

The two received barely 40 orders when they first started, but today they get more than 450 each day. Every month, they make about Rs 4 lakh.